Time to tank the season

Lets get real, we know this team is going nowhere fast, call it lack of overall talent, call it lack of character, bad coaching, or whatever you want, but bottom line, this team is destined to be sitting at home once again watching the playoffs. We have made big plays with going after a franchise QB who appears to be a shell of his former self, a SB winning coach with a history of success in New Orleans, and neither is looking like we have again come up empty. Has Payton fixed Wilson, nope, is he better than last year yep, is he a guy anyone is afraid of playing, nope. Our running game is non existent, our defense can't stop anyone in critical times, our o-line again looks bad. We need to blow this up and embrace the rebuild. First thing would be to fire Paton, is it unfair to level all the woes on him, no, he was brought into a bad situation with a team that had been filled with poor draft picks and patch work veteran additions, coaching turnover, overall poorly managed since they won the SB. I was one that was all in bringing in Wilson, I admit I was wrong. But the bigger issue with Wilson was not the fact of trading for him, but it was handing him the massive contract extension before the season started. I could of lived with the idea of letting him play out his contract and if he over performed, franchise him at worst or give him an extension he would of earned, but the fact was that Paton got feverous and let Wilson hang a giant albatross around the franchise for the next few years. But that wasn't Paton only miscue, signing Randy Gregory to a massive deal with no past history of sustained success in this league.

Next we need a total gutting of the franchise: trade who you can get value, I would say outside of PS2, Mims, Simmons, and maybe Meinrez, everyone is available. I would look to move Sutton, Juedy, Jewell, Bolles, Allen, D.J. Jones and if anyone will take a portion of Wilson contract, him as well. This team will need to embrace a full overhaul and that means getting rid of many of the veterans and collecting as many assets in the next few drafts as possible. Embrace the fact we need to burn it down to get better.

Next, it's obvious VJ is a terrible coordinator. I am so tired of the excuses. At this point I would be all in for bringing back Wade Phillips as a DC and get someone he wants to mentor and train to become the DC in 3 years. Short of that some other possibilities include: Jarrod Mayo or someone who likely will get fired this season, like Todd Bowles. Bottom-line I cannot continue to support VJ being anywhere near this team.

Next we need a true evaluator of talent that can work with Paton to bring in the guys that will work in the scheme that Payton wants to run. Top on my list would be Adam Peters who was with Denver previously but went over to SF when John Lynch was hired. Next would be Mike Borgonzi who is in the Chiefs organization for past 14 years, serving as their GM's righthand man.

It's going to be bad for a few years, but we cannot keep limping along without looking for drastic change.

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