This will be the first weekly Tuesday roundup for the NFL and the Broncos - will mostly pay attention to the NFL as Thursday's will do a FanPost more specific to the Broncos and the positional situations before games. Let's break down the NFL roundup into three categories - Surprise Winners & Losers - They Are What We Thought They Are and Losers:

Surprise Winners & Losers:

  1. Atlanta Falcons - come on now who had the Falcons at 2-0 beating the Packers this last Sunday. I get the Panthers in first game, but the Packers off a big win with Love - impressive. Next up the Detroit Lions and as the song goes can the Falcons go another week - Living on a Prayer - we shall see.
  2. Washington Commanders - not as shocking to me as some might think. Killer D and a QB that's gaining confidence is a tough combo to take down easily - especially with the NFL's top or near top receiver in McLaurin. Next up the Buffalo Bills - this could be interesting as Josh loves hero ball and the Commanders defensive front four is built on making cowards out of heroes.
  3. Baltimore Ravens - yeah, I know this team is expert at handling adversity - yet losing Dobbins for a season - again - has to be a kick in the nutsack. They're doing it and love my BC kid Flowers - you go Zay. Next up Colts at the Ravens - just depends on where Richardson's head is at after the concussion, he's listed or indicated most likely as out - so are the Colts if that's the case.
  4. Dallas Cowboys - honestly thought would be the offense that would super charge the Cowboys, and they're fine but my gawd - Parsons is earning it big time! Next up the Cardinals - well there's that.
  5. Chicago Bears - if you didn't think there would be some improvement this season in QB Fields then you haven't been following the off season, yet here we are, and it hasn't materialized as of yet. Next up the KC Chiefs - yeesh, hard place in KC to turn things around.
  6. Tampa Bay Bucs - Baker Mayfield is quietly having a decent season so far - 317 yards, a TD and no INTs isn't gonna win an MVP award but it's exciting to the Buc fans at this point. Next up the Iggles at home in Tampa Bay so hey, a chip & a chair as Mayfield's gonna have to play lights out on this one.
  7. Cincy Bengals - wow, just wow 0-2, yeah get that Burrows has that dreaded calf strain that bedevils players their entire careers often and definitely for a season when hit with it - hoping he can get right as the Bengals and NFL are just more fun when Burrows can plant and throw effectively. Next up the Rams - let's hope Joe's on the mend.
  8. Philly Iggles - for those of us that kinda expected a SB hangover from the loser it was the winner that's 1-1 out the gate. I like the Iggles as a potential to be back in the SB but not a odds-on fave - that's the 49'ers in the NFC in my opinion. Next up the Bucs - don't enjoy Tampa Bay too much before the game boys.
  9. KC Chiefs - well now that's interesting, isn't it? Patrick Mahomes is human after all - it's really about the NFL as take out 2 of any teams 3 best players and odds are they'll lose that game. Next up the Bears visiting KC - don't worry Chief fans, they'll be fine.
  10. MN Vikings - 0-2 not the level of expectations as had for the Chargers but also not 0-2 to start out - two desperate teams needing a win to avoid essentially a shot season with an 0-3 start. Next up as stated the Chargers.
  11. Green Bay Packers - might've been more a winner if didn't have a positive feel about QB Love. We've seen him perplexed as a rookie and grown into somewhat of a reasonable level QB last year when utilized. His abilities will cause the Bears fans to grumble with Fields as the rivalry and not the level of Love as an NFL QB. Next up Saints in Green Bay, great test for Love as Saints D isn't messing around this year.

They Are What We Thought They Are:

  1. SF 49'ers - at 2-0 just as expected provided Purdy came back correct - and he has - with the weapons on offense and a solid D this is my SB fave in the NFC. These boys are gonna be as tough as it gets - Bosa's on a mission and they're rolling. Next up NYG - yeah, good luck with that!
  2. Indy Colts - at 1-1 without RB Taylor and QB Richard already in his early NFL career taking a concussion this team is in trouble. Expected to flounder and will be most likely lucky to be a .500 team at season's end. Next up Ravens in Baltimore - without Richardson, not seeing it.
  3. Cleveland Browns - dammit how snakebit at 1-1 to lose RB Chubb. My guess is the phones ringing on Kareem Hunt's bat phone and will be signed - if he's not him then gonna have to go out and find someone as Fords a nice story and capable RB2, but they're gonna need to lock & load to have a playoff caliber season. Next up Titans at Browns - it doesn't get easier for the brownies.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers - nice win on a bounce back from a brutal beat down, yet was feeling like the Browns had the game had Chubb not gone down. Am not convinced Pickett is what the hypes pushing him out to be, and the Steelers aren't stopping anyone on D right now. Steelers at the Raiduhs in a must win game on their schedule, so forget about Las Vegas boys.
  5. New Orleans Saints - at 2-0 with a rejuvenated QB Carr this team has the opportunity to be an NFC playoff team and we all know if Carr gets hot at the right moment he's as tough to beat as anyone. Good will against a tougher than expected Panthers team, and next up the Packers - could be a way good game to watch.
  6. Miami Dolphins - at 2-0 slightly overperforming but realistically most folks like the dolphins with the caveat that Tua is playing QB. The hapless Broncos go to Miami with a less than stellar start and not much respect, so they're primed to make an upset - right - well maybe.
  7. Los Angeles Rams - at 1-1 they're about right, dig that they bitch slapped Carroll in game one and then they are who we thought they are - next up the Bengals in Cincy, and just depends upon which Joe Burrow shows up for this game.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars - at 1-1 not exactly outstanding yet the loss to the Chiefs earned them a pass for the moment. Was interested to see how Calvin Ridley coming back went as WR with extended layoffs is a mixed bag - he's way good to go. Next up the Texans in JAX - we see a W for the Jags.
  9. NY Jets - though this is a tough one as we didn't think they were without Rodgers as of week one. The D is way tough and the running game with Hall and Carter is going to be solid, Zach Wilson can prove it now as an NFL starter with some experience and a mentor in Rodgers - next up Patriots at the Jets, a game New England will come in desperate for a win to not end their season with an L.
  10. NYG - at 1-1 with Danny Dimes they're gonna be that team - they will win a few that shouldn't - lose a few that shouldn't and overall be damn lucky if get into the playoffs and don't see it - more a 8-9 team this season. Next up at the 49'ers - wasted away in Margaritaville - go get a drink Daboll!
  11. Carolina Panthers - this team is 0-2 yet playing fairly well. They're obviously gonna have a tough season but with Frank Reich as their HC they're in good hands. I like the team, like Bryce Young and the defense is fast and ferocious, they just cannot move the ball consistently and score enough points yet to win games in the NFL. Next up Seachix.
  12. Seattle Seachix - good to see Carroll pasted and the Seachix recovered with a win to go 1-1. Really cannot stand this team so screw them as they screwed the Broncos. Next up Carolina Panthers, get your first win Panthers!
  13. AZ Cardinals - 0-2, so how can you say a team that's "tanking" is a loser when they're 0-2. If the fans are right and this is a play on Caleb Williams, then so be it - next up the Dallas Cowboys - no tanking required here another L.
  14. TN Titans - at 1-1 kinda where expected to fall out - aging skill players but a damn tough D. They're probably a wish and a prayer playoff team this season but certainly could be with only the Jaguars as legit in their division. Next up at Cleveland - tough game for both teams.
  15. Buffalo Bills - great beatdown of the Raiduhs and might just be back in playoff form, the loss to the Jets - without Rodgers, had to be a gut punch. As much as am down with Josh Allen the UW kid, the reality is he's got to play better for this team to have a shot at a SB trophy, and damn if a franchise has earned one it's the Bills. Next Commanders, tread lightly Josh these boys are for real.
  16. Detroit Lions - 1-1, why does this feel right. I think they'll win the NFC North; the Packers will be their main competition as see the Vikings fading, but this won't be an easy division to just pencil your name in either - am expecting to see more from the Lions. Next up Falcons at the Lions and this could be a doozy if the Falcons are for real.
  17. Las Vegas Raiduhs - a 1-1 record - cannot stand this team - that's all I got - next up the Steelers in Vegas.
  1. Denver Broncos - why not start off with the hurt that hurts the most, and if you say come on this is a surprise loser - really nothing should surprise coming of 5-12. Is the Miami game a foregone conclusion. Not really as Miami is a hot & cold team - yet with Tua if he's Tua then the odds don't portend at all well for the boys in orange & blue.
  2. New England Patriots - get out a mirror with the Broncos. This was gonna be the Mac Attack with OC O'Brien making a comeback tour. Flat tire due to no playmakers to speak of and Mac being well - Mac. The D will keep them competitive in games but like the Broncos see a long season ahead & next up at the Jets. Patriots obviously are playing for their season though like the Broncos with 0-2 on two home games - most likely a moot point realistically anyway.
  3. Houston Texans - an 0-2 record with a new HC and rookie QB they're more like where thought would be, but Ryans is kind of that super positive guy that expects more so listing them as losers until proven otherwise and next up - at JAX. Not likely a W yet they've shocked the Jaguars before so who knows.
  4. LA Chargers - what the what the - these guys are 0-2 - seriously. Doesn't break my heart yet had them in a dawg fight with the Chiefs to win the AFC West. Not sure they're gonna not be like the Broncos and Raiduhs and total disappointments this season. Next up in MN against the Vikings in a must win game for the powder blue boys.

Quick Take on the Broncos:

  • QB RW isn't going to best the better teams. He's what he is now as this offseason put in the work to improve, yet it's not good enough to crack the top ten in NFL QBs or a "franchise QB" status.
  • RBs are rather pedestrian with the exception of the potential of McLaughlin. Time to unlock his training wheels and see if McLaughlin's got some mojo to make DC care enough about the run threat.
  • Receiving corps of Sutton, Patrick and Hamler is a turn to stone shambles now. Dulcich is hurt - again. Trautman doesn't look like he can outrun a man with a keg of beer in his wheelbarrow. Albert O is gone but not forgotten as a pass catching mismatch and Mims and Johnson at least offer a glimmer of hope to be able to make the occasional play.
  • The O-line though paid as elite - isn't. They're middling at best - the acquisition of Powers in particular is worrisome as looks like gives nothing more than Risner had to offer. Facts are stubborn as Cush is yet again, Cush the weak link.
  • Defensive line is rather porous and unable to stop teams from short yardage third downs to get off the field. The defensive secondary is Swiss cheese with holes all over the place forcing the safeties into improbable positions to attempt to cover and shade on missed tackles and coverages. The LB corps was showing some teeth in the second game that did not against the Raiduhs.
  • Penalties - penalties - penalties - seriously - this is a continuation of the problems from last season. They're drive killers on the Broncos offense and not getting the Broncos D off the field. In particular K-Jax has to be benched at this point - for his own good and the NFL won't tolerate the head-hunting style of play any longer. He reminds me of Kanoy Kennedy when was shipped off to the Lions for not changing his game and being fined and penalized game after game for helmet-to-helmet hits.
  • Injury bug ain't left town yet - well so much for the theory it's all about the training and conditioning coaches and staff. At this rate the best eleven players from the USFL and XFL will have to finish out the Broncos season - hhmmm...just might be onto something.
  • Too many positions without a solution to list so on Thursday will go over the position groups and evaluate further where the Broncos are in their roster - it ain't pretty so we'll leave it at that for now!

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