Sean Payton simplifying offense for Wilson...

Sean Payton is reportedly simplifying the verbiage in the Broncos offense, removing variables, because Russell Wilson can't communicate plays in the huddle. No word if he just can't say them or can't retain/understand the plays/offense.

This makes a huge amount of sense in explaining what we are seeing with the dichotomy of the offense early vs late: They are doing better early with scripted plays that are practiced and walk-throughed. But once off the script, Wilson doesn't know the offense.

Is he just not that smart? I suspect that is the case. The offense in Seattle was extremely uncomplicated, usually with one or two reads, and a lot reaction and wait for the play to break down, and throw it deep.

The good news for the Broncos is that Deshaun Watson is probably the worst QB in the league right now. He will be remembered as the uncuttable worst-QB-trade-in-history that will gut the Browns' franchise and ensure they are at the bottom of the league for another decade. Everyone will forget about Russell Wilson and the Broncos.

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