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Broncos can’t keep collapsing in the second half

If Denver is going to get a win in Miami it will take a whole lot of offense.

Well, here we are again Broncos Country. The old familiar feeling after the Denver Broncos loss to the Washington Commanders on Sunday. That sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach.

The feeling that tells us we are in for a long ride. The 2023 season has started out in what most fans see as the worst case scenario. 0-2 at home, a loss to a division rival, and an full on collapse after leading a team by 18 points.

As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on Broncos Odds and Endzones, the defense is not good. Vance Joseph was called out by Sean Payton after the game. The secondary looked a mess. It was a disastrous Sunday afternoon in Denver.

For the second week running the Broncos played Jekyll and Hyde from one half to the other. After looking phenomenal in the first half, Denver came out of the locker room and did as little as possible for as long as possible.

The comeback at the end, with the hail mary TD that preceded an uncalled defensive pass interference on the two point conversion should never have been needed. The complaints are pointless. It was a lucky play for a team that didn’t deserve to win anyway.

And now the Broncos will travel to Miami, a place where they have historically struggled. The Dolphins could run the Broncos defense right out of the stadium. Tyreek Hill has been a menace to the Denver defense for years. He and Tua Tagavailoa are a terrifying prospect for VJ’s scheme.

Should Jaylen Waddle get out of concussion protocol, pick your poison. Raheem Mostert could light up the board. This game doesn’t exactly present itself as an opportunity to right the ship.

And with the new head coach calling out his own defensive coordinator, the confidence certainly isn’t rising as we move toward a Week 3 matchup with a team that has propelled itself into the Super Bowl discussion early in the season.

The best chance for a win against the Dolphins feels like a shootout. The offense has to show up, and show out. There can’t be two completely different teams on the field from one half to the other.

I bet we all have a pretty good idea of what the Dolphins are going to do in their home opener. Do you believe the Broncos offense will be able to match it?