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Keys to victory: Broncos vs. Dolphins

Three things the Denver Broncos need to do to pull off a big upset on the road against the Miami Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Three things the Denver Broncos need to do to pull off a big upset on the road against the Miami Dolphins in Week 3.

1. Play 4 Quarters of Football

The Broncos as a team have not played a complete game of football so far this season. The great flashes of football we have seen from the Broncos need to be shown in every facet of the game, in every quarter of the game. This the NFL, there are no free wins even if you are up 18 points against the Commanders at home. The Broncos will be playing a very talented, well coached team in Miami this weekend and will need stellar play for all 60 minutes to pull one out on the road.

2. Don’t Let Tyreek Win The Game

We all know how Tyreek Hill is as dangerous of a wide receiver as they come and if you let him dictate the game, chasing after him in the Miami sun will not bode well for Broncos defenders. With Jaylen Waddle not practicing Wednesday and Mike McDaniel stating he’s not worried about Waddle’s timetable at the moment might suggest that McDaniel is content with giving Waddle the week to rest.

We all know the Dolphins are under a microscope with bringing players back too quickly after concussions, so we’ll see what develops on that front. Anyways, if Waddle does not play Sunday that leaves Tyreek Hill as the lone weapon of note for Tua Tagovailoa to throw to and if the Broncos can limit him like the Patriots did last week, it can give the Broncos offense a chance to keep pace with the Miami offense.

3. We Need A Show From Russell Wilson

If the Broncos win this game, it won’t be because of the defense, it will be because Russell Wilson played like a stud. Broncos country needs a show out of this man at a key point in the season to prevent the team from falling into a 0-3 hole. Whether it’s making key throws on third down to keep the chains moving, extending plays for his wide receivers to get open, or rushing and diving for a first down, we need all of the above from him. As obvious as it may be, it’s the truth. Denver needs a signature Broncos Russell Wilson performance to get the first win of the 2023 season.