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2 games in and most of Broncos Country has seen enough

In our weekly SB Nation React survey, 72% of Denver Broncos fans believe the season is already over for the 0-2 Broncos.

Earlier this week when we released this SB Nation Reacts survey, we had a lively debate in the comments section over whether or not the Denver Broncos season was over after just two games. Reading through the comments, I thought maybe cooler heads would prevail in the overall results.

Then I saw the final results and my mind was blown, 72% of you decided the season was over after just two games.

Granted, those two games were home losses against teams that are unlikely to finish above .500 and now the Broncos go on a run over the next two months facing mostly playoff-caliber opponents. So, in that sense, I could see why people are mailing it in for the 2023 Broncos season.

I voted no, but it is certainly teetering. They lose this week to the Miami Dolphins (which is very likely) and the situation becomes quite dire. I’ll withhold judgement until I see how this team plays in early October. If we’re seeing the same crap, then yeah it’ll be obvious to the rest of us by then.

The funny thing is, 41% of you still think the team is heading in the right direction. Which means, some of that 72% is discouraging by the 2023 season being over, but still believe Sean Payton is going to eventually turn this thing around.

So what did you think of these results? Share in the comments section below!

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