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Broncos vs. Dolphins score predictions for Week 3

Can the Denver Broncos do the impossible and beat the Miami Dolphins in Week 3? Our Mile High Report staff thinks they can.

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

After a disastrous start to their 2023 season, the Denver Broncos look to be on the edge of a complete derailing of their season just three games into the season. Just six teams since the mid-1970s have turned an 0-3 start into a playoff berth and it is highly unlikely this Broncos’ squad would make a seventh. However, against the Miami Dolphins it sure looks like Denver’s season could well be over in 48 hours.

The mood in Broncos Country this week has been quite sour and that doesn’t change much once you survey the Mile High Report staff either. Collectively, we have the Broncos getting rinsed by the Dolphins in a 38-20 blowout loss. Not all of us think it’ll be that bad, but none of us are predicting a win either.

Here is how we see things playing out individually.

Dolphins 23, Broncos 20

It seems like all of Broncos Country expects Denver to be steamrolled on Sunday against the Dolphins and its at exactly this moment that I would expect the Broncos to surprise people. While I still think they lose this game, it turns out to be a close, hard fought home win for Miami. - Tim Lynch

Dolphins 41, Broncos 20

I’m not giving up on this team like most of Broncos Country seemingly is, but I don’t have a whole lot of hope for this one. If the defense couldn’t slow down the Howell/ McLaurin connection, then I don’t see them doing anything to the Tua/ Hill one. Also Vic Fangio is probably going to dial up something brutal for the Broncos offense. - Ross Allen

Dolphins 38, Broncos 24

This is less about Denver and more about Miami. The latter is just better in just about every area. I’d love to see the Broncos play this game like the season depends on it, and perhaps they will, but the logical side of me hasn’t seen enough from the Broncos offense and has no faith in the Broncos defense. The latter let Sam Howell pass all over them. What’s going to happen with Tua-Tyreek-Waddle? (shutters) - Nick Burch

Dolphins 42, Broncos 21

Two games into the season, the Broncos are already on the ropes fighting to salvage what they can the remainder of the year. Don’t expect a victory from them on Sunday. You shouldn’t even expect them to keep it close. You can expect a knockout punch that will put to bed any post-season hopes for the boys in orange and blue. Miami’s roster is superior to Denver’s in almost every way. They also have two great coaches in Mike McDaniel and Vic Fangio. I fully expect them to find creative ways to carve up the Broncos and send them to 0-3 on the season. - Chris Hart

Dolphins 35, Broncos 10

No safeties, against the Dolphins in this economy? Of all the awful things happening in Florida right now this will — well, it might not even make the top 20 but that’s more Florida’s fault than anything else. The Dolphins have to be licking their chops and I’m not sure Dolphins even have chops. - Mike DeCicco

Dolphins 38, Broncos 23

Broncos will take a 17-3 lead at halftime before losing 38-23 in the second half where Russell Wilson turns into a pumpkin and the defense gets shredded. Broncos will be 0-3 and the hopes of making the postseason will be erased. - Scotty Payne

Dolphins 45, Broncos 24

The Broncos have scored plenty of points this season. While Vic Fangio is a great defensive coordinator, there is no doubt that his scheme can allow the Broncos to get into position to score. That being said, and no point in this season has the Broncos defense looked like a team that would be capable of slowing down Tua and Tyreek and the Dolphins offense. - Adam Malnati

Dolphins 41, Broncos 17

This was going to be a tough game for the Broncos defense if it was healthy. The only way I see this game being close is if Denver can create turnovers and the offense keeps pace by scoring points. I don’t see that happening. Miami gets started early and doesn’t look back. - Ian St. Clair

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Dolphins game? Let us know in the comments section below.