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Survey: Who should the Broncos try to trade before Oct. 31st trade deadline?

The Denver Broncos are a bad football team, so its not too early to begin discussing what they should do over the next month in terms of accumulating draft capital.

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

After such a disgusting performance in Week 3 against the Miami Dolphins, it is absolutely not too early to begin discussing the Denver Broncos in a long-term 2024 timeframe. The NFL trade deadline isn’t until October 31, 2023, so why not start kicking the tires on who to put on the trade block?

If Denver were to have a true fire sale before the deadline, which players below do you think they should attempt to trade? If not all of them, then vote for the one guy you think the Broncos should explore moving before the deadline. As usual, we’ll collect the votes here and share on Friday with a larger post breaking down the results.

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