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The Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears start the race for Caleb Williams

The winner might actually be the loser at Soldier Field in Week 4, at least in terms of who ends up with a better chance of drafting USC star quarterback Caleb Williams.

When the Denver Broncos schedule came out I immediately circled Week 4. Living far away from home, there was an opportunity to see my favorite team live and in person. I know a few season ticket holders in Chicago, and the opportunity to take my son to see his first NFL game seemed like a no brainer.

Now, I am sitting here with 2 tickets to a game that could essentially be dubbed the Caleb Williams Bowl. How in the world did we arrive here?

That’s the question that Ian St. Clair and I tried to answer on Broncos Odds and Endzones. How did the Sean Payton led Denver Broncos open the season in such abysmal fashion. Losing by 50 points to the Miami Dolphins was not on my BINGO card.

Being 0-3 seemed almost impossible. At worst, I was thinking 1-2 heading into the road matchup with the Chicago Bears. Instead, I am about to take my son to what will likely be the unhappiest place in the NFL on Sunday.

What’s really shocking is just how bad the defense has been this season. Over the last 7 seasons, it has been the defense that allowed Broncos Country to hold out hope each week. Most games were decided by one score, or a little more, but there weren’t a lot of embarrassing losses. Sure, there have been a few blowouts to some very good teams, but a 70-20 poop show hasn’t been something to worry about.

And then Mike McDaniel’s high powered offense absolutely annihilated the Denver defense. How did we arrive here? Bad hires. The last time the Broncos played a game in Miami with Vance Joseph on the sidelines we heard a similar joke, don’t let him on the team plane.

But they did let him on the plane, and he is bringing his style of defense with him to Soldier Field. With the Chicago Bears struggling, and Justin Fields taking some heat from the fans, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see him turn things around against a defense that was built to run a system that is completely foreign to Vance Joseph.

The hire always felt odd. Now we have to sit through an entire season with Joseph running the defense, and players looking lost.

I’m going to be a good dad, and I am going to root hard for the Broncos while I sit in the north end zone at Soldier Field with my son. But is a win really what the Broncos need in this potential race to the number one pick in the draft?

It’s not exactly tankathon season yet for me, but for some?

Anyway, my son said he was excited about having a hot dog while we were at the game. We are in Chicago. At least that will be something that can’t let him down.