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The Keys to Victory - Broncos vs Bears

Here are the keys to victory for the Denver Broncos to get into the win column for the first time to the season on the road against the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

1. Stop The Run

The Bears offense in general has been horrible in both aspects of running and throwing the ball on offense, adding up to 17th in rush yards per game (101.7) and 31st in pass yards per game (148.3) over the first three games of the year. The only way the Bears can get out of this rut on offense is by getting the run game going with Justin Fields and Khalil Herbert. The Broncos defense needs to force Fields to beat them with his arm not his legs. Fields showed off his ability to take over games with his elusive running ability last year and he has not been able to return to that level of running the ball yet this season, the Broncos defense needs to make sure it waits another week.

2. Play With Pride

Cheesy as it sounds, but yes play with pride. Last week was utterly embarrassing to be a Denver Broncos fan. Let’s hope it was as embarrassing for us as it was for the Broncos players and coaching staff. At kickoff they need to come out and prove that they take pride in the colors that they wear just like Broncos country does. This is a team that just allowed their opponent to score 70 points last week, throw the statistics and strategy out the window and just show Broncos fans that you want to be a Bronco. This is another beatable team for the Broncos and it just comes down to who wants it more.

3. Win the Fourth (again)

I’m going to keep saying it until it happens. Win. The. Fourth. After three weeks of garbage football, the fourth quarter tally is up to the Broncos being outscored 42-19 in the fourth quarter alone so far this season. This game will probably be ugly and come down to one possession. If it does, let’s have it so that the Broncos are at their best come crunch time.