how I wouild rebuild the broncos

1 Start the frie sale with Justin Simmons give him a chiore of philly sf or dallas hope for a 1st but be open to a 2'3'4'24 like the car/sf deal last season

2 Trade Surrion to NE for a 3rd round pick or K Bourne WR he is fast good in the slot

3 trade Mlb Jewell to the ravens for a 4th

4 trade Jerdy to the eagles we get a 24 2nd 25 3rd and wr B Covery

5 trade gregory to dallas for S Willams and a 5th round pick

6 trade F Clark to SF for a 5th and D Winets Rookie OLB

7 trade K Jackson to miami for a 6th

8 trade bollins to the jets for a 3rd and 4th in 24

and finally after the season trade wilson to the rams for stafford wilson will do this because it will allow him to play seattle 2x a year and stafford can be a placeholder utill we get our qb

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