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Broncos fans ready to trade everyone at the NFL trade deadline next month

After an historic 50-point embarrassment, Denver Broncos fans are ready to blow the roster up and start from scratch.

Last week, 72% of fans voted that they had seen enough of the 2023 Denver Broncos to say the season was over. Whew, they sure looking like they were spot on with that call after an historical 70-20 beatdown by the Miami Dolphins last week.

That defeat immediately sent me into 2024 NFL Draft mode and which players Denver should unload ahead of the October 31, 2023 NFL trade deadline. I looked at the most logical pieces Denver could move on from in this situation: Justin Simmons, Garett Bolles, Jerry Jeudy, and Courtland Sutton.

I voted all of them, of course, because I was still feeling a bit raw from what I had to suffer through on Sunday. And so did everyone else...

Now that I’ve had a full week to sit on this question and marinate a bit, I think the most logical player to move form this list would be Justin Simmons. He’s the oldest and plays a position that teams may value a bit more right now. The second would be Garett Bolles. Tackles still have tons of value out there and that move would make sense.

Ironically, the wide receiver position likely has the least amount of value right now. I doubt Denver would get what they were asking for from either Sutton or Jeudy.

The other question on this weeks’ survey was our overall confidence in the direction this team is headed. Predictably, it has gotten worse each week. From 53% after Week 1, to 41% after Week 2, to a complete collapse to 19% after last week.

This team has talent, so I have to believe they’ll start beating bad teams — maybe even starting this week against the Chicago Bears. The problem with that in my mind is that winning just puts this franchise right back where it usually is. Just outside of range for a generational opportunity in the NFL Draft.

On the flip side, if they win their next two games they could have a chance to flip the narrative at 2-3 heading into a critical road game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. I’m all for it if they turn this around and beat the Chiefs to get back to .500, but I suspect they’ll not do that and enter a stretch of games where they could easily end up 2-6 by the Bye. And that’s if they win the next two games.

So what did you think of these results? Share in the comments section below!

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