George Paton (GP) my thoughts

Fangio non fire/Bridgewater: This is where I have some confusion. Fangio had to have pounded the table for Bridgewater. Going to get flamed for this however this is my opinion. Lock was the better long term choice if we wanted to draft/develop a potential solution at QB.

Hacket hire: Failed attempt to attract Karen Rodgers to be the QB for the Broncos. Turns out Karen was using the Broncos as leverage. Believe that GP was given guidance by the then pre-owners as to what actions he should be taken. The belief is GP knew the Penner-Walton group (PWG) were going to be the new owners. Alternatively the Hackett hire could have been the trust being cheap.

RW trade: Again GP following orders of PWG. Given GP's statements in the past if it was fully his decision he would have preferred to have drafted, and developed a QB.

RW extension. I have seen snippets of evidence here, and there that would appear to suggest that GP advised the PWG not to give RW an extension.

Drafts: usually take a couple of years to evaluate.

Cap management: GP has done well with managing the cap. The Broncos have not been in cap hell. They signed their own soon to be FA's to reasonable at the time contracts with flexibility.

Trades : Savvy. Got something for Von Miller when he wasn't going to be resigned. Got something for Chubb when he wasn't going to be signed.

Don't have Paton colored glasses on. I'm open to criticizing him if there is evidence that it is warranted.

Going forward: I believe that Sean Payton (SP) has full control of the roster with GP having limited input. GP is in charge of managing the cap/trades/scouting. GP probably gets fired in 2024 after the draft. Don't think the evidence says he should be, however this world isn't fair.

What do think Broncos country?

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