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What game on the Broncos schedule are you looking forward to the most?

Which game on the Broncos schedule are you looking forward to the most?

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Looking through the Broncos 2023 schedule, there are multiple games that stand out as games I am most excited to see. You have the week one matchup at home vs. the hated division rival Las Vegas Raiders and head coach Josh McDaniels. You also have a week five matchup vs. former head coach Nathaniel Hackett, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and the New York Jets. A game that has some extra spice after the comments Broncos head coach Sean Payton made about Hackett, the Jets, and how everything went down last season.

Outside of that, you have a few primetime games, a night game on Christmas Eve, and hopefully some postseason games as well. I asked the Mile High Report staff this very question and here are their answers.

Tim Lynch

Week 1. Beat that smug-looking McD face. Congrats dude, you beat a Nathaniel Hackett-led team. Let’s see what you can do against ole Sean Payton.


Honestly, week 5 vs. the Jets. The drama is juicy and hopefully, the Broncos have a winning record at that point and can end the unwarranted hype surrounding the Jets and Aaron Rodgers. He needs to keep our coach's name off his lips.

And getting some revenge on the worst coach in Broncos history would be fun too!

Nick Burch

Week 1: Let’s see how far we’ve come

Rachel Strand

Week 1, Raider Hater week! BEAT THOSE RAIDERS!Also a close second would be Week 5 vs. the Jets. That is a MUST win for the Broncos in my book


Selfishly, Week 4. I get to go to Soldier Field and watch the game, which is always a great experience. And the Bears are a team on the rise. It will be fun to watch them battle it out.

The Jets stuff is a Days Of Our Lives level soap opera that pulls you in, though, so it is hard to ignore that game on the schedule

Ian St. Clair

Week 5 against the Jets. I hope the fans in attendance give as much shit to Nathaniel Hackett as humanly possible. Count down the play clock when the Jets are offense. Do what it takes to make the stadium as loud as it can

Mike DeCicco

The first one. The raiders. It’s the raiders but we NEED that W to start things off. Gonna learn a lot that first week. Can week 1 games be must-win?

Christopher Hart

The games I have circled outside of the division are against the Jets, Vikings, and Bills.


January 7th at the Raiders. This game has a real chance to be meaningful. Those who know me know that all I ever want from the Broncos is a playoff berth. I’m hopeful and looking forward to cheering for that chance at the end of the season.