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What are the Broncos biggest concerns as they head into week one?

What are the biggest concerns the Broncos have as they head into week one of the regular season?

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

The Broncos enter week one as a bit of a mystery. Veteran head coach Sean Payton will look to get the offense back on track and the team back to their winning ways. We don’t know what version of Russell Wilson we will see this season or how he will look in Sean Payton’s offense. We also have running back Javonte Williams coming off a major knee injury, a new defensive coordinator, a banged-up receiving core, and hopefully an improved offense live. So, there are plenty of questions and concerns surrounding this team as we near the week one opener vs. the Raiders.

I asked the Mile High Report staff what they believed to be the biggest concerns the Broncos had heading into the regular season. Here are their answers.

Tim Lynch

To temper my overwhelming optimism, I’ll have to answer with everything. Is coaching really going to make a difference? Will Russell Wilson actually play well? Will the offensive line hold up? Can the defense continue playing at the high level it has in recent years? Will this team finish at least .500 in the AFC west for the first time in a loooong time? So many questions... all concerns.

Nick Burch

Defensive line, WR depth, OL, and Russell Wilson in that order


How will Russell Wilson look? It he starts off slow, it could be a long annoying season.

Will the offensive line be improved? The Broncos spent a lot of money on that part of the team and they’re crucial to their success

How will the defense look under Vance Joseph? I’m not a Vance hater, water under the bridge now, but I am not fully confident about him as the DC. Hoping he eases my concerns.

Finally, a mostly injury-free season, please. This team cannot afford to lose to many key players for an extended period of time.

Rachel Strand

Our team staying healthy, defensive tackle depth, and if the offensive line is still horrible at keeping Russell Wilson upright.


It has to be how the QB is going to play. What else matters? Nothing. This is a QB driven league, and how Russell Wilson performs is the only thing that will drive this team to the playoffs.

Ian St. Clair

Obviously the play of Wilson, but both lines of scrimmage. I want to see consistent wins from both the defensive and offensive line. It’s cliche, but games are won and lost the trenches.

Mike DeCicco

The overwhelming lack of talent and lack of depth at so many position groups. We’ll need to be luckier than we have been with injuries.

Christopher Hart

Overall depth across the board on the roster and how they will fair in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Those are the biggest issues to me.


My biggest concern is the defense. Vance isn’t a seasoned defensive coordinator. He’s a guy that has been involved with some really stacked rosters. I loved our defense last year and the thing I worry most about is the defense taking a step back.