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Join the Mile High Report’s 2023 Survivor contest

Mile High Report is running a free Survivor contest this year with a prize for the winners. Join below and bookmark this page so you can make your pick each week.

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Hello, Broncos Country!

In partnership with DraftKings Sportsbook, we are bringing you a sponsored Survival contest. It’ll be free to enter and free to play. The survival pool will run until there is a winner and we will have a second-chance opportunity for those eliminated within the first month. The winner will receive $250 and the second-chance winner to get $100. Any ties will result in a splitting of pot.

How it works

In Week 1, you pick a team to win. If they win, you advance to Week 2 and if they lose or finish in a tie, you’re eliminated. You pick a team each week and are not allowed to pick the same team twice. If you forget to make a pick in a given week, you’re eliminated. The last person (or people) standing wins. If everyone is eliminated before Week 18, the last people to lose win the prize.

For our purposes, the second-chance contest operates the same way, but starts in Week 5 for anybody who was eliminated from the first contest or didn’t enter the first contest. If a person is alive heading into Week 5 from the first contest that started in Week 1, they’re ineligible for the second-chance contest.