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Vibe check: how would Broncos Country feel about NOT drafting a QB?

The Denver Broncos appear all but set to move on from Russell Wilson but do not hold a high enough draft pick to draft the most likely franchise QB...would you prefer the team pass or gamble?

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The Denver Broncos’ decision to bench QB Russell Wilson the final two games of the season was reportedly a “football decision” that had nothing to do with his contract, which in any regard sent smoke signals that a change at the position was coming in 2024.

Yet... what if it doesn’t?

In the recent postseason press conferences, neither George Paton nor Sean Payton concretely said they were done with Wilson as the team’s starting QB. Paton almost suggested he’d be welcomed back. It still seems far fetched, however, and other rumblings suggest the Broncos are dead set on moving on, which means...

Draft a franchise signal caller!!!!


Not so fast. Unfortunately, many fears from within Broncos Country came through this season... the Broncos were not a great football team, but they did not suck enough to change the trajectory of the team by landing a top-5 pick.

Rather, they are sitting just ahead of the middle of the first round, in NFL Draft purgatory, where a good prospect can be had, but finding a franchise QB is hardly expected. So as Mock Drafts continue to be shoved in our faces like Journey at a frat house, not many Broncos picks are resulting in QB.

Sure, these are all blind guesses at this point, and no pro days, combines, interviews, or trade talk has taken place, nor will it for some time. Yet, for those wanting to see a change at the QB position, it may make one’s skin crawl just a tad.

It’s not that players being picked at 12 are bad, though. Hell, some may even be season altering in years to come. Names like Brock Bowers and Dallas Turner have been slotted at 12, and it’s pretty clear tight end play and pass rushing has been noticeably absent in recent years. Having a bonafide stud at either position is an immediate upgrade for either side of the ball.

There has also been guys like DB Nate Wiggins and DB Terrion Arnold slotted at #12, two cover corners who were elite in college. It’d certainly help Pat Surtain II at the other side of the ball.

These are names that can help immediately and make a difference, but the expense is that the team will still have Russell Wilson, Jarrett Stidham, or a bridge QB like Jimmy Garoppalo under center. And how much more can Broncos Country take of mediocre QB play?

The best teams in the league have the best QBs. That’s just a fact. Tom Brady has been out of New England for half a decade, and the once-regarded GOAT in the coaching profession, Bill Belichick, is looking for a new position. Don’t believe for a second QB play is the blueprint for team success.

Yet, aside from the possibility of something like packaging PS2 and pick 12 (and perhaps a future pick) to get inside the top 3-5 picks, the Broncos will be picking, earliest, at 12. Again, QB play can take a mediocre team to elite, but is Michael Penix, JJ McCarthy, Bo Nix, or (insert name here) the type of guy who can do that?

Or should the Broncos play it safe, go best player available, and let Russ run it back, Stidham earn a chance, or Jimmy G to hold it down for a year?


What should the Broncos do with the 12th pick?

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