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Report: Vikings could be a potential Russell Wilson destination

A report by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler states that the Minnesota Vikings could be a potential fit for Russell Wilson if he is released by the Broncos.

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

ESPN’s NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reported that if/when quarterback Russell Wilson is released by the Broncos, do not be surprised if he is intrigued by the Minnesota Vikings.

He states that if the Vikings do not re-sign veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins, he could be surprised by the Vikings. Head coach Kevin O’Connell comes from the Sean McVay passing tree which has proven to be friendly to quarterbacks. Also, the Vikings are loaded with weapons which include wide receivers Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison along with tight end T.J. Hockenson.

Don’t be surprised if Wilson, should he become a free agent, is intrigued by Minnesota, assuming Kirk Cousins doesn’t re-sign with the Vikings (a big if). Kevin O’Connell comes from the Sean McVay passing tree that maximizes quarterback efficiency. Wilson would have plenty of weapons in a group that includes Justin Jefferson, T.J. Hockenson and Jordan Addison.

This move would make sense for Wilson because of the system and playmakers on the Vikings roster. Also, according to Fowler, the league still views Wilson as a “mid-tier starter” and teams will be able to sign him at basically veteran minimum because the Broncos will be paying him $39 million this year. With how things ended in Denver, it seems doubtful that Wilson would accept much more than the minimum because anything more would help offset Wilson’s guarantees and benefit the Broncos. With that said, we shall see how that plays out before setting anything in stone.

Fowler also names the Buccaneers, if they do not re-sign Baker Mayfield and the Atlanta Falcons as possible landing spots for Wilson if he were to be released. He names two sleeper teams as well, the Pittsburgh Steelers who lack an answer at quarterback, and the New England Patriots who may need a rookie and veteran quarterback additions this offseason.

The Bucs and Mayfield are open to extension talks, so the Wilson discussion might be a moot point. But Wilson could be an intriguing option for them. The Atlanta Falcons are the proverbial “quarterback away” from contending. They have several intriguing pieces on offense and could go the veteran route, depending on whom Atlanta hires as head coach. There are other potential sleepers: Pittsburgh, which is between quarterbacks and might not be completely sold on Pickett; and New England, which probably needs a veteran and a draft pick for the position.

We should these reports and rumors continue to leak out in the coming weeks as the Broncos near deciding on Wilson’s future with the team. In all likelihood, they will release him with a post-June 1st designation but we shall see if they can somehow work out a trade or anything else in this potentially complicated and expensive divorce.