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4 things we learned from the Broncos season-ending loss to the Raiders

The Broncos finish the 2023 season 8-9 for their seventh straight losing season. Here’s what we learned on Sunday.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images

Sometimes great things happen after defeats.

Such is the case for the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

In their season-ending 27-14 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, they end up with a better NFL Draft pick while also ensuring their hated rival doesn’t get the higher pick (and potential quarterback).

The Broncos finish the 2023 season 8-9 for their seventh straight losing season.

Here’s what we learned from Denver’s loss on Sunday in Las Vegas.

Broncos have the No. 12 pick

The NFL Draft order is set for the first 18 picks, and Denver selects 12th.

Is that a spot to get a QB? Time will tell.

But it’s better than had the Broncos won on Sunday in a meaningless game.

Denver doesn’t have its QB on the roster

Sean Payton does not have his quarterback on the roster.

Jarrett Stidham may be a serviceable backup, though that’s in question. Stidham was bad on Sunday against the Raiders.

What is not in question is the starter is not currently on the Broncos.

Denver may get that QB in the Draft and/or add a veteran in NFL free agency.

Vance Joseph’s job should not be safe

The Broncos defense had a nice turnover run during the winning streak, but for most of the season, the unit was terrible.

And the defense capped the season getting torched by Aidan O’Connell.

If Payton has another defensive coordinator he likes, he should look into it. Joesph has never really had a good defense.

Yes, cohesiveness is nice, but Joseph’s job should not be safe.

Broncos now have seven straight losing seasons

As Andrew Mason pointed out on Twitter, that’s more losing seasons in the last seven seasons than Denver had in the previous 41.

The Broncos were “better” in 2023, and there finally was some excitement around the team again, but still way short of what this franchise used to stand for.

Do whatever it takes to get the franchise QB to work with Payton and get this organization back in the playoffs.