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Broncos GIFCap: 2023 season edition

And that... is... a... wrap on the 2023 NFL season for the Denver Broncos. Let’s take a look back on each week using our favorite

NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another edition of GIFCap!

Typically, this piece is done based on the prior game. But does anyone really want to relive a meaningless loss to the Las Vegas Raiders to make the Denver Broncos 8-9 instead of 9-8? No. No one wants that.

So let’s skip ahead and instead recap the season week by week.

Pre-season vibes

Okay, we fired hapless can’t-Hackett, hired a Super Bowl winner in Sean Payton, still have to deal with hit-or-miss-high-priced Russell Wilson, but this is a winning team, right? Has to be be. New year, new us, let’s go.

Week 1 - Seriously?

Week one of 2022 started with the Broncos QB losing to his former team. This year, it was the Broncos losing to their former head coach, the second worst in franchise history. And THAT is how you open up a season??? At least Russell Wilson was more...efficient...I suppose.

Week 2 - Growing pains?

Okay, yikes. The Washington Redskins, or Football Team, or Commanders, or whatever they call themselves next year, are NOT a good team. And yet, they ran all over the Broncos. Why is Vance Joseph employed by us yet again? But let’s pump the brakes on panicking, Payton will implement is system, but it’s complex. We’ll get out of this. Trust.

Week 3 - not enough bourbon in Kentucky, and fire Vance Joseph!

What...the hell...was that? Yes, the Dolphins are good. But is this not PROFESSIONAL football? How does a game like this, which usually takes place when a FCS team plays at Alabama in September, happen? A freaking 70-burger on us??? Fire Vance Joseph. NOW! At least Russ is still...efficient...I guess. How are we this bad AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!

Week 4 - yay...a win

The 50-point loss still stings. A three-point victory over a bad team doesn’t diminish jack s***. But whoopty do, let’s celebrate I guess. Russ played well, Jaleel McLaughlin stepped up and announced his arrival, but the defense still allowed 28 points to a crap offense. But a WIN! Cool.

Week 5 - just...why?

The Broncos already embarrassed themselves by losing to McDaniels, but there is no way they lose to the Aaron Rodgers-less Jets, right? Where can’t-Hackett is the OC? The guy the Broncos fired and then was destroyed in USA Today by Sean Payton? No. Nope. The Broncos lose 31-21 and the media pours sympathy onto Hackett as if he isn’t a horrible coach but in fact a beaten down puppy. Barf.

Week 6 - I guess let’s just look forward?

The Broncos lose to the Chiefs, as always, but they put up a fight. Yay! Whatever. No one cares. It’s looking like the team will be bad enough to land a premier QB in the 2024 Draft, even if Wilson has been...efficient. Let’s focus on that.

Week 7 - another win? Okay, I guess

So what? We’re gonna start winning now? Are we tanking or not?! I’m so confused.

Week 8 - okay, let’s go

Okay, here we go! No one expected this. Two straight wins, including one over the juggernaut of the AFC? Could we turn this around? Am I typing LOUDLY?!?!?!

Week 9 - bye week optimism

We just beat the Chiefs. The defense is miraculously turned around (praise Vance Joseph!). Russ is still...efficient. This could be the turnaround! Let’s overreact!

Week 10 - am I late to the party?

Oh you thought we were dead? Thought our DC was crap? No, we didn’t, none of us said that, stop remembering things! Regardless, we are here, and we are here to kick ass. Screw draft position. We’re playoffs bound. Let’s GOOOOOO!!!!!!

Week 11 - not great...but we’ll take it

We got the Vikings without Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson and won by a point. That’s okay, it’s still a win, and the victory over the Chiefs and Bills probably has the team a little proud of themselves. It happens.

Week 12 - give Vance Joseph a raise!

See? It was just a hiccup, this team is still rolling, and the defense is on FIRE! What idiots would ever have wanted Vance Joseph pulled? Idiots.

Week 13 - a little setback

Fine. Whatever. Five straight wins is still an accomplishment. Should we have won? Sure. Did we blow it? A little? Will it hurt later? Hope not. Playoffs still in reach.

Week 14 - we’re back!

LOL Chargers. We’re still in the playoff hunt! Let’s do it!

Week 15 - okay, that was bad

The Broncos needed to stay hot but the Lions were in a more desperate situation. And they made an example out of us. Maybe...we aren't as good as we thought for a few weeks.

Week 16 - back to the pumpkin

Cinderella story is now over and pretty much the playoff hopes. No one loses to the Brady-less Pats and lives for the postseason. Yuck. And now comes the debate as to whether the Broncos won too much to find a QB in the draft.

Week 17 - a new era awaits

And it’s official. The highest paid game manager of all time has been benched. We’ve seen the last of Russell Wilson in a Broncos uniform almost certainly, and Jarrett Stidham was able to “lead” the Broncos to victory over a Chargers team who has all but guit.

Week 18 - ready to move on

Who cares anymore. The Raiders won, and now the Broncos have the #12 pick. Maybe we can get a QB. Maybe we have to trade up. But as for the game, it seems pointless. Let’s j just move on.

Looking ahead

The season is over, and it will be debated up until next fall whether the season was a success or failure. Or something in between. But now all attention turns towards 2024. The Broncos almost certainly will be looking to draft a franchise QB, which is a huge deal. Yet, the team hasn’t been exactly hitting the jackpot on QB picks lately, so let’s call it hopeful excitement.

Thanks to all who read/watched this drivel all year! Hope to see you again next season!