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Best picks in 49ers-Chiefs matchup to win 2024 Super Bowl

Here is who Mile High Report thinks will win Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday. Will it be the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs?


The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers for the second time in five years and this will be Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ fourth appearance in the big game in five seasons. This is a completely different 49ers squad than the one that lost to the Chiefs back in 2020. Will that make the difference? DraftKings Sportsbook has all the latest odds and lines for Super Bowl LVIII.

To us at Mile High Report it sure does as we’ve predictably predicted a clean sweep for the 49ers here, 28-17. That’s some pretty aggressive confidence from our team here, but really its all sprinkled with a bit of salt. Some, much more than others. So much so that I’ve had to divide the honest predictors from the super salty ones. So enjoy!

The Honest Predictions

49ers 24, Chiefs 20

This is a tough matchup for Brock Purdy and the 49ers offense. The Chiefs pass defense has been solid, so this game is going to have to come down to Christian McCaffrey. He’ll need to be an MVP in this game for the 49ers to come out on top and that’s what I think he’ll achieve. Patrick Mahomes will make this a game, so I have the 49ers scoring last here and winning by keeping Mahomes out of the end zone for an instant Super Bowl classic. - Tim Lynch

49ers 34, Chiefs 17

I’ll try to be a bit more realistic than some of the others, but still, screw the Chiefs. I hope this Super Bowl is a blowout and the sons of Broncos legends and Broncos great get a ring on Sunday. But on a professional note, the Chiefs defense has been great, but no one, besides the Ravens, have been able to figure out how to stop that Shanahan offense, and I don’t see Steve Spagnolo being able to come up with a good enough game plan. - Ross Allen

49ers 31, Chiefs 17

Kyle Shanahan secures a Lombardi Trophy for the 49ers franchise with Brock Purdy as quarterback. Overall, I think San Francisco has the better roster and will squeak out a victory against the Chiefs. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. Nobody in Broncos Country wants to see the Chiefs win another Super Bowl. - Chris Hart

49ers 23, Chiefs 17

What we all want is the Chiefs to lose. Our biggest hope is probably a low score, and why wouldn’t that happen. The not-so-secret secret of this game is that the defenses for both teams have been very good this year. Don’t let the hype and excitement around the high powered potential of the offenses fool you. The Chiefs have struggled on offense all season. They aren’t in the Super Bowl because they are blowing teams out. It’s their defense. Still, the 49ers also have a great defense. The difference here is that Kyle Shanahan’s offense isn’t as suspect this season as Andy Reid’s is. A slight caveat, if Brock Purdy struggles to get over the nerves early, KC could steal another Super Bowl. That means Shanny will need to have a good script early to help his QB out. I believe he will. - Adam Malnati

49ers 27, Chiefs 17

Given the ties to the Broncos, it’s easy to root for San Francisco. Of course the hated of the Chiefs makes that even easier. Where this game will be won is the San Francisco running game. The KC defense is terrible against the run. And unlike the Baltimore Ravens, the 49ers will actually run the ball. Much like his dad, Kyle Shanahan won’t stop running it if he doesn’t have early success. But the 49ers and Christian McCaffery will throughout this game leading to a Lombardi Trophy. - Ian St. Clair

The Salty Predictions

49ers 55, Chiefs 10

Do I think that will actually be the score? No. Of course not. But I am really, really, really, really, really hoping it is. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

49ers 69, Chiefs 0

Nice. F the Chiefs, Taylor Swift dumps Kelce at halftime and Jackson Mahomes disappears under mysterious circumstances. It’s a terrible loss that leads to Andy Reid to retire so he can do a nationwide buffet road-trip and Patrick Mahomes says f it, steps away and takes over the voice actor for Kermit the Frog. It’s a glorious day in Broncos Country as we have learned that Peyton Manning has taken an anti-aging serum and is back at 25 years old and looking to lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl for the next 15 years. Go Broncos, Go 49ers and F the Chiefs. - Scotty Payne

49ers 63, Chiefs 7

I want the Chiefs and their fanbase to feel unmitigated pain and utter embarrassment. With what unfolded the last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl, the universe needs to self-correct itself. Wishful thinking with the score perhaps, but the 49ers get the win. FUKC - Ian St. Clair

What are you Super Bowl LVIII score predictions? Share your honest or salty score predictions in the comments section below!