Let's Use 2024 To Get To #1

0-17 may happen with what I'm going to propose in this write-up. But the only way that the Broncos ever truly compete again is to draft a franchise QB. The easiest way for that to happen is to get the #1 pick. I was more ready to ride with Russ than any fan, but the ensuring disaster of that trade has taught me alot. A QB like Russ can work on a rookie deal with loads of talent around him, but a qb with his shortcomings in the pocket getting paid 50 million dollars a year will never take a team to the Super Bowl in this era of the NFL. That's why I'm saying that the Broncos should pay Russell Wilson the full 85 million dollars that George Paton promised him in 2024, NOT in 2024 and 2025. Get it out of the way and have financial freedom back by 2025. I also think that any big contract that has trade value should be on the block this offseason. I understand that trading the players that go with these contracts won't help the Broncos win now, but the draft picks and youth that they would bring back would better suit the Broncos in the future. Justin Simmons is 1st to my mind. An older player who still has trade value. Maybe Garett Bolles as well unless Sean thinks he can anchor the line for another 5+ years, which I don't. Cortland Sutton to a contender? Then draft his replacement this year or next. Take what you can get for Jeudy and show him the door. The Broncos don't need that attitude anymore. And I don't know if maybe Alex Singleton or Perine may garner a late round pick from a contender. Even if four of these six get traded, that puts the Broncos at ten picks in 2024. As talent depleted as this team is without a franchise QB, I wouldn't mind having 15 picks in 2024. And clearing up the cap, even with cutting Wilson could allow Denver to extend Meinerz and/or Cushenberry to protect our new QB in 2025 and beyond. I would also debate trading PS2. I think he is going to get paid 30 million per year and I think he is overrated, he is good, but not Champ or Chris Harris good. If the Broncos can get two 1sts and a 3rd for him, take it. Then consider trading down in the first round for as many more day two picks as can be had without gettingout of the first round entirely. And with two first round picks, maybe trade the lowest one away for one in 2025 in case moving up needs to be an option to get the franchise QB. This upcoming season should be about building around the foundation that will arrive in 2025. And who do I believe that is? The "Grown" son who is up in Boulder for another year of college football, the guy who's dad took football by storm last year, the QB that can make all of Broncos Country forget about not getting Josh Allen from across the border and the next guy that will be looked at with green envy and jealous rage if passed on by the Broncos next year. He will be better than Caleb Williams or anyone else in this years draft class of QBs, and is just the guy Sean Payton can reach Andy Reid status with. Broncos Country, don't settle for a "possible fit" in Bo Nix or Penix or McCarthy or whoever else. Let's finally live with being the worst of all for one year knowing that there will be a second generation talent waiting to lift the Broncos back to the mountaintop and will fear no Mahomes, Herbert, Burrow, Lamar, Lawrence, Stroud, Tua, Rodgers, or Allen. Just making the playoffs in the AFC against all that with a franchise QB will seem daunting at first. Right now without one it seems impossible. Bring on the losses, the one year process, and let's suck for Shedeur Sanders in 2024. In Jesus name, Amen.

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