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Try to forget the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl with some cool Broncos’ stuff is trying to help us forget we have to watch a rival play in the Super Bowl.

While the Broncos hang out in non-Super Bowl irrelevancy the next 10 days, we can console ourselves in some cool Broncos stuff and attempt to drown out all the Chiefs noise. rolled out a couple new items that might appeal to Broncos Country - especially if you’re going to suffer through that Niners versus Chiefs Super Bowl Sunday debacle.

Get your favorite football game day snacks and whatever drink you like best to put in the new Denver Broncos 40oz Tumbler (hard alcohol to get through the next two weeks allowed) and settle in with a Broncos bobblehead (to mimic your reaction every time Patrick Mahomes gets a roughing the passer call).

And since FOCO has added two new bobbleheads that harken back to the good ol’ days in Denver, this will be an easy add.

Featuring John Elway with a Sports Illustrated™ cover (even more historical now that SI is dead) or MVP bobbleheads of Terrell Davis in Super Bowl XXXII or Elway in Super Bowl XXXIII.

I mean, if we have to watch the Chiefs, the least we can do is put up a bobblehead and drink from an orange tumbler and pretend that nightmare on the screen is not happening... while dreaming of better days in 2024.

Or maybe 2025.

Or whenever Patrick Mahomes is too old to escape a pass rush, lol.