Favorite undervalued prospects: QB & Running Back

These are prospects I'm higher on that others and who would be great fits for the Broncos.

QB & Running Back: We are all focusing rightly on the defense as needing major upgrades, but I'm pretty damn tired of watching an offense with so few playmakers. It has been inept for years now. We need juice.

QB - Jordan Travis, FSU

Travis' will remain down draft boards because of a broken leg he suffered against North Alabama mid-November. He won't be able to do anything but interviews for clubs until potentially his pro-day in April. Without the injury, he'd probably be ranked just a tiny bit behind McCarthy. Right now, he's probably a 4-5th rounder.

What he's good at: RPO, execution of designed plays with intermediate to high complexity. Throws a tight ball. Very good when the play breaks down. Devastating inside the 10 yard line as a runner or as a passer on the move. Trevor Sikkema said Devonte Williams had a .44 broken tackle rate, which was one of the highest PFF had ever measured. Travis was .42. Doesn't really have bad games; very consistent. Pretty good not turning the ball over (only two ints last season, but did have four fumbles [all came in a three game span]). Very comfortable and high execution rate over the middle of the field at intermediate and deep throws. Takes a good bit less sacks than other scramblers like Jayden Daniels when under pressure.

The bad: not the completion percentage you're looking for (63%). Turns the ball over at a higher rate when not in play action or screens. Obviously, the injury will limit what you can learn before the draft and you won't have many measurables, if any. Only 6'1". Doesn't seem to make many read progressions and doesn't have a huge arm.

Why the Broncos?: Because he is used to executing well-designed plays, could be a fit with Payton. Would really improve TD% inside the 10. Can cover up a lot of offensive line issues with play-on-the-move skills.

Running Back - Audric Estime, ND

I don't understand why Estime isn't rated higher--he probably will be by draft time. He had a stupid-good year. But for now, he's on my value list. 5'11", 227lbs, he can take a beating.

What he's good at: Elusive. Bruising. Agile: only player I've seen do TWO hurdles on one play, one after the other. He's certainly got speed, though he won't be the fastest at the combine. YPC: 6.4 on 209 attempts. 18 TD's! Has the tools to be a good pass blocker (had good games and a few bad ones, though he only gave up one sack on the season). Can pound it and is a homerun hitter. Comfortable in zone and gap schemes, outside and inside, doesn't matter.

The bad: not an experienced pass catcher. He only caught 17 balls despite running 110 routes last season. Just wasn't thrown to him much, given that he didn't drop many. Didn't run any pass routes down the field at all or line up in the slot. Little special teams experience and wasn't that great when he played.

Why the Broncos?: He's got the juice, size, and pass blocking skills necessary for this offense. Tough player that should be able to carry a load. I'd take Estime even in the third if you want playmakers.

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