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A true Colorado native, and a born-and-raised, third-generation Denver Broncos fan with an insatiable love for writing. An award-winning writer with more than 10 years of experience in newspapers. I've held almost every role in a newsroom but made the transition to Internet marketing ... for the benefit of my bank account and sanity. I covered the Broncos for two years at the Fort Collins Coloradoan before moving to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle in Cheyenne, Wyo., where I reported on just about every sport under the sun, including all University of Wyoming athletics. While I love all forms of writing, column writing is my biggest passion. After creating my own sports blog, Hardcore Orange, I moved over to Predominately Orange, BSN Denver, and, finally, Mile High Report. My wife and I live in Castle Rock, along with our three cats, who secretly call all of the shots. I enjoy history, music, and of course, sports and writing. Life philosophy: Are you an Eeyore or a Tigger?

Broncos get Sunday off, at least they can’t lose

Instead of watching the Broncos embarrass themselves again, at least Broncos Country gets to enjoy a pleasant day of stress-free football.

2 winners, 1 loser from the Broncos embarrassing 17-14 loss to the Browns

Welcome to Broncos Country, where the Broncos are irrelevant and no longer matter.

Broncos vs Browns preview: Can Denver right the ship against injury-riddled Cleveland?

The good news for the Broncos is they’re on a short week. The bad news for the Broncos is they're on a short week.

Are the Raiders still a hated rival of the Broncos?

There’s no doubt the Raiders are still a rival, but is there that same level of hatred that Tom Jackson, Mike Shanahan and Pat Bowlen had for that franchise?

How does the Broncos defense matchup against the Raiders offense?

Bryce Callahan joined Broncos Country Tonight to break down how the defense stacks up against the Raiders.

Raiders vs Broncos preview: Time for Denver to ‘Just win, baby!’

The Raiders are a mess (you hate to see it) and the Broncos need a win on Sunday to snap this losing streak.

Broncos playoffs hopes could get a massive boost with a win over the Steelers

As the Broncos schedule gets tougher, this is a game that could push them into the playoffs.

Behind enemy lines: Does Big Ben have anything left?

As the Broncos prep for Pittsburgh, Broncos Country Tonight got the state of the Steelers from Jarrett Bailey.

Broncos vs Steelers preview: Can Denver flex its road muscles and get a big win?

If the Broncos are going to make a push for the playoffs, this is a key game to making that happen.

4 winners, 4 losers from the Broncos 23-7 loss to the Ravens

The Broncos were shellacked by Lamar Jackson and the Ravens on Sunday. Is this a bad rerun or just hiccup?