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Broncos & Bratwurst Podcast

Kevin Gillikin is your host of the Broncos & Bratwurst podcast. The show is now on ApplePodcasts, iHeartRadio, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and anywhere else you get your podcasts. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.

It’s quietly been a great week for Drew Lock

Full support from his bosses and a personal friendship with the GOAT? The Denver QB is on the right track!

John Elway is in position to be aggressive this offseason

Things are about to get exciting around the NFL and Denver is in position to make a big splash.

Debating why Von Miller should stay in Denver

Von being traded is not a suggestion but rather a question that needs to be asked this off-season. We debate it in full on the Broncos & Bratwurst Podcast.

Broncos & Bratwurst episode #58

Coaching changes and a debate over the face of the franchise.

Broncos offseason stage 1: Retention and Extension

The team has some decisions to make and if it goes as we think, they could be set up for some big money to spend in free agency.

Broncos & Bratwurst: Episode 57

Phase one of the off-season "retension and extension" is upon us and the Broncos have some big decisions to make.

Broncos 2019 Post-Mortem

It was a strange year that began with utter frustration and ended with unbounding hope. We break down what we think happened on the Mile High gridiron.

Broncos & Bratwurst: Episode 56

We rip open and dissect the 2019 Denver Broncos season.

Drew will determine this decade in Denver

Aliteration is necessary for the holidays and so is being thankful so let’s all take a moment and thank the heavens that we aren’t Browns’ fans.

7 things the Broncos need to do this offseason

Seven things the Denver Broncos need to do this offseason to get better in 2020.

Is Von Miller implying that it’s now or never?

The veteran superstar spoke in frustration after the KC loss but what he said tells a lot about the feelings in the locker room.

Time for the Broncos to get back on track in Week 16

Hoping Week 16 will help us get past a forgettable week 15.

Christmas comes early with Lock vs Mahomes

Hopefully the beginning of a legendary rivalry, this game will be must-watch!

Is Drew Lock ready to carry a franchise?

There are signs that the Denver Broncos’ rookie could be something special.

Close your ears to quarterback controversy: Drew Lock is the future

If the Broncos can build a scheme around their young QB and build on his strengths, we could be witnessing the start of a new and glorious era in Denver.

For the Broncos, it’s the perfect time to not panic

If the players give up on this staff, there’s no chance of a rebuild.

10 facts you may not know about the Vikings and Broncos

Any Denver Broncos quarterback controversy is old-news. On to the Minnesota Vikings!

Joe Flacco gets an F-minus in my mid-season grades

Only one unit on the team gets graded above a ‘B’, guess which one it is!

The future is now for the Broncos... kinda

Joe - I don’t give a - Flacco is out at QB and it’s up to Brandon Allen and Drew Lock to show Denver fans that there is some hope for the future.

‘Tis the season for quarterback controversy

Joe Flacco forever, Flacco til 2020, Lock in Week 9, Tom Brady??

The Broncos are who we thought they were and we can’t let them off the hook

From bad to okay to putrid.

Has Joe Flacco lost all faith in Garett Bolles?

When the game plan changes because one player can’t do his job it might just be time to kick him to the curb.

The Broncos are quietly in a full rebuild

Could 0-4 actually be a good thing for the Denver Broncos?

The Denver Broncos are living in a world of... superlatives

Worst, best, all-time, never-ever...we should try to not overreact to the 0-3 start and instead remember to appreciate the little things.

Is the Broncos’ season already over after 0-2 start?

Starting 0-2 while also having the second-hardest schedule in the NFL doesn’t bode well for the team in 2019. Can this fan base swallow another losing season, and can Elway ever again build a winning team?

A realist’s prediction of the Broncos 2019 season

I hope I’m wrong but the brutal schedule, new schemes and an underwhelming QB don’t bode well for a playoff appearance this season.

Could Indy’s bad Luck ultimately be the Broncos’ gain?

It’s a gut-wrenching bit of news, and we hope the best for Andrew Luck in his future, but the contention window just opened a bit wider for the Broncos, and they must take advantage of it.

Emmanuel Sanders is key to the Broncos’ offense

The group just made Jimmy Garoppolo look like a fool in his return from injury and it could be just the start of something special.

Baby steps forward for the Broncos in second preseason game

It wasn’t pretty but there are things to be happy about after the Denver Broncos second preseason game.

The Broncos checked all the right boxes at the Hall of Fame Game

It wasn’t pretty, but they won, Fangio showed he’s one bad dude and the team appeared to be prepared and well-coached.

Tune out the manufactured negativity, the Broncos are trending upwards

Some people need drama in sports and if there isn’t any naturally they will create it as best as they can. Let’s step back and remember what Training Camp is all about.

Little drama from Broncos’ camp could be a sign of things to come

The coaching staff seems to have things under control, no one is holding out for more money and the injury bug hasn’t struck. Things are good in Broncos country.


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