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Broncos Country starts food drive to help end hunger

Broncos fans - let's join @dipitydawg's Touchdowns to Drive Out Hunger Food Drive! Make a donation for every touchdown Peyton Manning throws in November to help families in need.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It's a great time to be a Broncos fan. Peyton Manning is breaking records practically every time he steps on the field, Von Miller is back to his old self, and Chris Harris Jr. is finally getting some of the recognition he deserves. Broncos fans are lucky to not only have a team now heavily favored to make a repeat trip to the Super Bowl but to have the best fans in the NFL.

Broncos fans support their team win or lose, and we also support our fellow fans, especially when they have a great idea. Broncos fan @dipitydawg had one of these great ideas and MHR is happy to spread the word and do our part.

The idea:

Touchdowns to Drive Out Hunger Drive


The month of November

How does it work:

The idea is to commit to donating one can of food to your local food bank for every point of every touchdown Manning throws in November. That adds up to six cans per touchdown - however, any donation would obviously be welcome.


Anyone. Broncos fan or non-Broncos fan is welcome to join the food drive. Here at MHR several writers have already accepted the challenge and have pledged to donate (Kyle, Laurie, Tim, and myself to start).

If you'd like to join this effort let us know in the comments and the city and state (or country) where you will make your donation. If a lot of people join up I'll make a snazzy map to show MHR's contribution to the drive.

Even if you can't commit to making a donation take a moment to pass the word on to others.

Go Broncos!