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Key & Peele donate Von Miller's pelvic thrust sack dance fine to charity

It was only two pumps!

Something good can come out of stupid, bad, prehistoric rules of the No Fun League after all.

Key & Peele - the comedy duo of Keegan-Michael Kelly and Jordan Peele - donated the $11,567 that Von Miller was fined following his sack-dance thrusting celebration earlier this year to charity. The money will go to Von Vision's, Miller's charity to help kids in need of prescription eyewear get the glasses they need. According to Miller, Key & Peele's donation will put glasses on as many as 450 kids.

Miller was fined for doing this.

Which was obviously inspired from this.

If Hingle McCringleberry needed three pumps to get fined, why did the NFL slam down the hammer on Miller after two?