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C.J. Anderson visits local kindergarteners who sent him letters

Well done C.J.!

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson took a field trip to Willow Creek Elementary School in Centennial to thank a group of kindergartners for sending him some encouraging letters. An enterprising teacher, shown in the video below wearing a C.J. Anderson jersey, had her students write Anderson letters telling him why they hoped he would visit their classroom.

From Video of C.J. Anderson visiting a local elementary school.

The letters are adorable, congratulating Anderson on some of his touchdowns, inviting him to play football with them during recess, and cheering on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl. As anyone who has ever spent time with a five year old will tell you, kindergartners are brutally honest (in a delightful way). Which is why one girl interviewed for the piece doesn't hesitate to say that Anderson is her second favorite player - Peyton Manning being her first.

Anderson has never been shy about showing his emotions during good times. He was jumping up and down after the Broncos clinched a playoff berth on the field just like many of us were in our living rooms.

In the days of preparation before the Super Bowl, all Broncos fans should take a minute to enjoy the moment. Of course we all want one final victory in February, but this team has already delivered a fantastic roller coaster of a season.

One of my favorite moments from the season was my daughter telling me Monday morning that her grandfather let her stay up to watch the end of the Broncos-Patriots game in November when my husband and I were at the game and she couldn't fall sleep.

"I saw 22 Mom. I saw him get that touchdown. He won the game."

For a mom that has tried (unsuccessfully) for years to get her kids to watch football with her, this was a sweet olive branch from a third grader. Perhaps she wouldn't roll her eyes the next time I asked her if she wanted to watch a game with me. (She did roll her eyes. But that's OK. There's still time.)

In an offense that has been uniquely frustrating to watch all season, Anderson will be key to a victory over the Panthers. The more C.J. we see on the field at Levi Stadium, the more likely the Broncos will bring home the Lombardi.

But no matter what happens on February 7th, it's nice to see Anderson connect with local kids in such an easy-going manner. Many of these kids (and their teachers) I'm sure will be glued to their television screens Super Bowl Sunday looking for 22.