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2015 NFL Draft: Broncos search for quarterback reportedly narrowing down to four prospects

The Broncos are reportedly narrowing down their quarterback search.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

According to Benjamin Allbright, a radio host on 94.1 FM Denver/96.9 FM Boulder, the Denver Broncos have narrowed downed their reported quarterback search to four quarterbacks.

According to Allbright, the Broncos have narrowed down their search to quarterbacks Bryce Petty, Garrett Grayson, Chris Bonner and Trevor Siemian.

Petty and Grayson are in the competition to be the third quarterback off the board during next week's NFL Draft, and Bonner and Siemian are considered late round options for the Broncos.

The Broncos have been connected to Petty and Grayson throughout the entire process, so this report doesn't come as a huge surprise. It was reported last month that Garrett Grayson was a "favorite of the Broncos", and the Broncos also were connected to both Petty and Grayson during the Senior Bowl.

The Broncos have also been connected to Bonner and Siemian this offseason. They attended CSU-Pueblo's Pro Day to watch Bonner, and at the time the Broncos were displaying the greatest interest in Bonner.

The Broncos also attended the Northwestern Pro Day to watch Trevor Siemian, and he also had dinner with Denver Broncos quarterback coach Greg Knapp earlier this month.

So the Broncos have quite the history with the quarterback's mentioned.

Now the question has to be asked, what about the Broncos apparent "quarterback of the future" Brock Osweiler? He is entering the final year of his contract, and there hasn't been news or rumors about he and Broncos working on a contract extension. Add in the interest in some early round Quarterback options and things do look pretty damning for the former second round pick.

Last month, draft insider Tony Pauline say that there's a strong belief that Brock Osweiler will not be with the Broncos after this season.

"The team that seems to be highest on Grayson is the hometown Denver Broncos. The feeling is Grayson is the most capable of running the system that Gary Kubiak will employ in Denver; a system similar to the one Grayson ran at Colorado State. He also has the arm strength necessary to get the ball through the cutting winds that often blow through the Mile High City. There’s also a strong belief Brock Osweiler, who’s in the final year of his rookie contract, won’t be with Denver after this season."

I know this is a sensitive topic on here, and opinions are varied on this. However, I'm just trying to connect the dots here. First, the Broncos have been connected to quarterbacks all offseason. Then there's a report out there that Osweiler won't be with the Broncos after this season, and Osweiler is entering the final year of his contract. To me, it looks like the writing is on the wall for Brock.

In the end, we will get our answer next week. If the Broncos get through the second round without Petty or Grayson I believe Osweiler is safe this season. If the Broncos do indeed select Grayson or Petty in the second round, I believe Osweiler could find himself on the trading block.

Go Broncos!