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Denver Broncos 2020 Draft

Our complete coverage of the Denver Broncos 2020 NFL Draft. Mile High Report has the Broncos pre-draft and post-draft reports and breaking news covered.

Here is your 2020 Broncos Draft Class:

Round 1 - Pick 15. Jerry Jeudy, WR
Round 2 - Pick 46. KJ Hamler, WR
Round 3 - Pick 77. Michael Ojemudia, CB
Round 3 - Pick 83. Lloyd Cushenberry, C
Round 3 - Pick 95. McTelvin Agim, DL
Round 4 - Pick 118. Albert Okwuegbunam, TE
Round 5 - Pick 178. Justin Strnad, LB
Round 6 - Pick 181. Netane Muti, OG
Round 7 - Pick 252. Tyrle Cleveland, WR
Round 7 - Pick 254. Derrek Tuszka, EDGE

The Broncos 2020 New Era sideline hats have dropped!

New Era has released the Denver Broncos sideline hat for 2020. Check them out!

Sutton, Jeudy, Hamler...oh my!

Could this be the 2020s’ new and improved version of ‘The Three Amigos?’

Peyton Manning gives rookie class some advice about preparation

And rookie center Lloyd Cushenberry III heard it loud and clear.

What it means if Ojemudia is - or isn’t - CB2 this season

Steve Atwater joins Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright to talk all things defensive backs (and crowd participation) on Broncos Country Tonight.

Albert Okwuegbunam is an Elway bet on ‘upside’

Can pairing Lock with his college buddy again lead to points?

Essang Bassey could be the next Chris Harris Jr.

Talking to Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright on Monday, the UDFA cornerback out of Wake Forest has similar personality and smarts to Denver’s most celebrated former UDFA cornerback.

Broncos release uniform numbers for rookie class

The Denver Broncos have announced their uniform numbers for the 2020 NFL Draft class and other offseason additions.

Broncos add speed in 2020 NFL Draft but also good football players

In the words of Vic Fangio, Denver didn’t just add speed for the sake of adding speed. The Broncos feel they also added guys who can play the game.

Broncos’ defensive line quietly had a beast of an offseason

With some potential steals in the later rounds of the Draft, plus some great free-agent pickups and crucial re-signings, the D-line could be one tough unit.

Did the Broncos find a steal in the 2020 NFL Draft?

The Denver Broncos may have had their best draft in 30 years or more. We talk with Caddy’s Cutups to learn more.

Why I love the Broncos’ 2020 Draft

In terms of fit and overarching strategy, the Denver Broncos 2020 draft class was perfect.

Watch Jerry Jeudy react to his new draft jersey

Denver Broncos first-round draft pick Jerry Jeudy reacts to unboxing his 2020 NFL Draft jersey from his new team.

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Things I Think About Hunter Watts

Now that the only sports event of the last month and a half has been completed (yes, it has only been that long), it is time to take a look at what new goodies Elway and company have brought to us.

Cushenberry III ready to protect for an explosive Broncos offense

After learning how to play center via YouTube videos, the rookie offensive lineman couldn’t be happier with his new assignment to help the Broncos’ o-line protect Drew Lock and his weapons.

Nick Saban says they had to monitor Jerry Jeudy’s work ethic, because he worked too hard

The Denver Broncos got a player who loves to work on his craft. Jerry Jeudy is already one of the best route runners to come out in years, but its his work ethic that sets him apart.

Elway on draft class: “We’ve got to put points on the board.”

The entire Denver Broncos offseason has been geared towards a singular goal: scoring points. Nowhere was that more evident than during the 2020 NFL Draft.

Getting to know the seven undrafted free agents joining the Broncos roster

Let’s get to know the seven undrafted free agents the Broncos agreed to terms with.

Who was your favorite Broncos’ draft pick?

Mile High Report’s writers share their initial thoughts on the rookie class.

2020 NFL Draft: How to properly pronounce the newest Broncos names

Ojemudia? Okwuegbunam? Strnad?

2020 NFL Draft: AFC West Review

Did the Denver Broncos close the gap enough on the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2020 NFL Draft? We think so.

Final 2020 NFL Draft Grades: The ‘get Drew Lock some offensive weapons’ draft class

Here are your final 2020 Denver Broncos draft grades from around the nation. Their draft class was well liked out there.

Hamler promises to be a productive speedster for the Broncos

At 5-foot-9, the former Penn State wide receiver is not the ‘prototypical’ wideout. It hasn’t been a problem.

Broncos shower Lock with weapons in 2020 NFL Draft

After this draft, Denver might out-speed even the Chiefs. The joke on ESPN was the Broncos are "building a track squad." This offense should be fun to watch.

Broncos UDFA tracker: Undrafted free agent signings 2020

Tracking all of the undrafted college free agent rumors and reports tied to the Denver Broncos.

High marks for the Broncos 2020 draft class

The Denver Broncos attacked their draft board all three days and ended up with a lot of speed on offense for Drew Lock to work with.

Broncos’ 2020 Draft Wrap Up: the Good, the Bad, and the Elway

Initial thoughts on every Denver Broncos’ selection in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Your 2020 Denver Broncos draft class

The Denver Broncos had a lot of picks heading into the 2020 NFL Draft. They went wide receiver with their first two, but also found some potential starters in the middle rounds.

Watch new Broncos sixth round pick Netane Muti hit 44 bench reps at the NFL Combine

The Denver Broncos got an interior offensive lineman in the sixth round who is pretty damn strong.

Denver Broncos select Fresno State guard Netane Muti in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft

Denver Broncos select Fresno State offensive lineman Netane Muti in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Denver Broncos select Wake Forest linebacker Justin Strnad in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft

Denver Broncos select Justin Strnad in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Albert Okwuegbunam Highlights

The Denver Broncos have selected Albert Okwuegbunam in the fourth round and will be reunited with Drew Lock after playing together in Missouri.

Denver Broncos select Missouri tight end Albert Okwuegbunam in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft

Denver Broncos select Albert Okwuegbunam in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft

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Debunking all the KJ Hamler noise in one FanPost

The Broncos selected KJ Hamler at #46. I needed one post to respond to the same bad arguments that are all over the comment section. That's it. That's the fan post.

2020 NFL Draft: Day Three Live Updates

Every pick and every trade in the fourth through seventh rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft will be updated live.

Why the Broncos drafted Iowa cornerback Michael Ojemudia

Why did the Denver Broncos select Iowa corner Michael Ojemudia in the third round of the draft?

2020 NFL Draft: Best Day 3 Remaining Potential Broncos

There’s still talent to be had.


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