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Denver Broncos Highlights

These Denver Broncos highlights will feature YouTube videos that were good enough to write up a post for or GIF breakdowns of the Broncos top plays from each game throughout the season.

Game balls for rookies and others in Broncos 23-13 win over Jaguars

Mile High Report hands out game balls for the Denver Broncos 23-13 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and a couple of rookies shined enough for one on Sunday.

Game balls for Teddy, Von and others after big Week 1 win

The Denver Broncos have themselves a dominant performance in Week 1 on both sides of the ball as they manhandled the New York Giants 27-13.

Watch Patrick Surtain get his first pick six in the NFL

Denver Broncos rookie cornerback and first round pick Patrick Surtain took one to the house against the Minnesota Vikings.

Patrick Surtain II college highlights

The Denver Broncos selected cornerback Patrick Surtain II in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Here are his college football highlights.

Video shows Jerry Jeudy getting in some intense hand-eye coordination work in

Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy is getting his offseason workouts in, which included this crazy hand-eye coordination drill.

Watch Jerry Jeudy score 92-yard touchdown versus Raiders

The Denver Broncos got their biggest pass play of the year from Jerry Jeudy in the fourth quarter against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Diontae Spencer named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

Denver Broncos punt returner Diontae Spencer has been named Week 14’s AFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his 83-yard punt return for a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers.

Game balls for the offense after putting together best performance of 2020

The Denver Broncos put together their best offensive performance of 2020 in 32-27 victory over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Here are your game balls for that win.

Game balls from the Broncos 20-13 win over Dolphins

The Denver Broncos put together a solid team win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Here is who gets our game balls from this victory.

Game balls from Broncos’ 31-30 comeback over the Chargers

The Denver Broncos completed one of the great second half comeback wins in franchise history against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 8.

Game Balls for Broncos hard fought 18-12 win over Patriots in Week 6

The Denver Broncos dominated for three quarters then held on to the win on the road against the New England Patriots. Here are your game balls for this game.

Watch Jerry Jeudy score his first NFL touchdown on a 48-yard score

The Denver Broncos first round pick is on the board as he out leaps a New York Jets defender to secure his first NFL touchdown.

Albert Okwuegbunam Highlights

The Denver Broncos have selected Albert Okwuegbunam in the fourth round and will be reunited with Drew Lock after playing together in Missouri.

K.J. Hamler Highlights

The Denver Broncos are not messing around. They want a high powered offense and definitely have it on paper now with Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler being drafted.

Jerry Jeudy highlights

The Denver Broncos have a new wide receiver in Jerry Jeudy. Here are his Alabama highlight reels. Enjoy!

Jurrell Casey highlights

The Denver Broncos committed highway robbery in landing Jurrell Casey in a trade with the Tennessee Titans for a mere seventh-round pick.

Broncos game balls: It took a team effort to secure win over Raiders

The Denver Broncos needed the entire team to overcome the Oakland Raiders in their 16-15 win on Sunday. Here’s who get our game balls for the win.

Game balls all around for strong finish in Broncos win over Lions

The Denver Broncos finished with a bang to beat the Detroit Lions 27-17. Here is who we hand out our game balls to.

Plenty of game ball worthy performances in Broncos 38-24 win over Texans

The Denver Broncos put on a good old fashioned butt whipping on the Houston Texans in front of their own crowd to move to 5-8 on the season.

Watch: Kareem Jackson returns fumble for touchdown versus Texans

Kareem Jackson returned a fumble all the way for the touchdown in the first quarter against the Houston Texans.

Video: More proof Courtland Sutton is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now

The Denver Broncos have an elite wide receiver in Courtland Sutton. Week in, week out, he is making these types of eye-popping plays.

Watch Courtland Sutton make yet another eye-popping catch

Courtland Sutton is a beast. How he came down with this 47-yard reception is anyone’s guess. It would lead to a Denver Broncos touchdown.

Broncos at the Bye: Who has been the offensive MVP so far in 2019?

Courtland Sutton is headed for super stardom.

Broncos 24, Browns 19: Game balls for the offense

The Denver Broncos came out with their third win of the season in a 24-19 home win over the Cleveland Browns. Here is who gets our game balls for this week’s win.

Featured Fanshot

Watch Phillip Lindsay's 30-yard touchdown run

The Denver Broncos have scored over 20 and are up two scores over the Cleveland Browns after this 30-yard touchdown run from Phillip Lindsay in the third quarter.

Featured Fanshot

WATCH: Noah Fant breaking tackles on his way to 75-yard touchdown

There's that breakout catch we've been waiting for from rookie Noah Fant. He takes a slant 75-yards breaking tackles along the way to put the Denver Broncos up 14-3 over the Cleveland Browns in the first half.

Featured Fanshot

WATCH: Courtland Sutton makes incredible touchdown grab

What. A. Catch. All the talk about the Denver Broncos giving up Emmanuel Sanders should be dead now. Courtland Sutton is your true #1 guy here in 2019 and beyond. What a play. I could watch this all damn day!

Plenty of game balls to go around as Denver wins second straight game

The Denver Broncos completely blanked the Tennessee Titans for their second consecutive win. Here are your game balls for this impressive victory.

Broncos Country pushes Denver to its first win

Mile High Salute to Broncos fans for their showing on Sunday vs the Chargers in southern California.

Game balls for Broncos 20-13 win over Chargers

Here are your game balls for the Denver Broncos 20-13 road win over the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday that snaps the teams eight game losing streak.

Featured Fanshot

WATCH: Courtland Sutton breaking tackles on 70-yard touchdown

What a play by Courtland Sutton. He caught this pass from Joe Flacco on a deep crossing pattern and broke a few tackles on his way to a 70-yard touchdown to put the Denver Broncos up 14-0 over the Los Angeles Chargers in the first quarter.

Phillip Lindsay makes NFL Top 100 list at No. 68

The Denver Broncos found a gem in undrafted free agent rookie Phillip Lindsay in 2018. He comes in at No. 68 on the NFL’s Top 100 list.

Von Miller’s top pass rush plays of 2018

Von Miller shows off some incredible athleticism in these top pass rush plays of 2018 for the Denver Broncos.

Broncos vs. Seahawks play of the week: Emmanuel Sanders goes deep

The Denver Broncos have plenty of big plays, but this touchdown from Emmanuel Sanders was a tone-setter for the offense.

Play of the Week: Demaryius Thomas makes a great touchdown grab

The biggest play of the Denver Broncos 23-0 victory over the New York Jets was an early touchdown reception by Demaryius Thomas.

Play of the Week: Emmanuel Sanders gets screwed out of a catch

The tide of the game turned on a single call by some guy in New York City made in overturning a catch by Emmanuel Sanders.


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