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Denver Broncos Salary Cap

Mile High Report will have all of your latest Denver Broncos salary cap news and updates. For up to the minute Broncos salary cap numbers, check out sites like Spotrac or Over The Cap for that information.

Broncos’ salary cap analysis: looking at potential cap casualties

Based on cap savings which looks are 2023 cap hit and dead money, who are the most likely 2022 Broncos to become cap casualties.

Horse Tracks: Trading Bradley Chubb clears way for Dre’Mont Jones contract extension

The Denver Broncos just had too many dudes and not enough salary cap space. They couldn’t risk losing a rare inside pass rush talent like Dre’Mont Jones either.

George Paton is carrying on one of the best elements of John Elway’s tenure as Broncos GM

A GM’s job is to supply the best roster possible- both today and a year or two from now. So how is George Paton doing at that?

Broncos free up cap space by converting Courtland Sutton’s roster bonus into a signing bonus

The Denver Broncos free up more cap space by reworking Courtland Sutton’s contract to add nearly eight million in cap space for 2022.

Report: Broncos free up cap space by reworking Tim Patrick’s contract

Could we see a big move coming?

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Broncos salary and roster considerations going into free agency

This post contains basic arithmetic and some potentially educational stuff which some people may find boring and pedantic. As for the arithmetic, for the most part I will be rounding numbers to the nearest $1000.

Broncos sitting on second most salary cap space in NFL right now

The Denver Broncos are still in prime position with plenty of salary cap space to make some additional moves or, dare I say, blockbuster trades before Week 1.

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NFL sets 2021 salary cap at $182.5M

The speculation is over. With reports as high as $188 million and as low as $180 million, the NFL has settled on a lower middle of those two extremes at $182.5 million for this season. Let the cap bloodbaths commence.

Broncos continue to free up salary cap ahead of free agency

The Denver Broncos now have the fifth most salary cap space in the NFL after releasing veteran DL Jurrell Casey on Thursday.

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Broncos capology 101: 2021 edition

Warning: this post contains a lot of arithmetic plus educational stuff that you may already know or not want to know, and is presented in a manner that some may find to be boring and pedantic.

Broncos roll over $17.788 million in 2020 cap room

The Denver Broncos are rolling over cap as they gear up for free agency in March. The $17.788 million will be added to their overall cap room.

With Bolles locked up, there’s no reason to ignore Justin Simmons

I spoke with Over the Cap’s Nick Korte to pick his brain on 2021, Justin Simmons, and Elway’s negotiations.

Nearly half of the Broncos salary cap is sidelined

You don’t win many contests with one hand tied behind your back. The Denver Broncos have a lot of injuries.

Broncos currently have fourth most salary cap in NFL

With $29.5M in salary cap space, the Denver Broncos currently hold the fourth most available cap in the NFL right now.

Are the Broncos making a mistake with Justin Simmons?

Justin Simmons will be playing under a 1 year Franchise Tag. Did the Denver Broncos make a huge mistake?

NFL could be facing massive reduction in salary cap in 2021

The NFL could see their salary cap drop upwards of $70M next year, which would put nearly all teams over the cap by big numbers.

Broncos have most salary cap tied to defense in the NFL

With so many offensive players under rookie contracts, the Denver Broncos have been able to stack their defense with veteran talent.

Opinion: Broncos should pick up Garett Bolles’ fifth-year contract option

The Denver Broncos would be wise to pick up the contact option on Garett Bolles even if the fourth-year player doesn’t deserve it.

Bryce Callahan agrees to contract restructure with Broncos

The Denver Broncos have freed up some salary cap by restructuring Byrce Callahan’s deal. Here are the details of that agreement.

Broncos estimated salary cap after first week of free agency

The Denver Broncos have made some moves to start free agency. Let’s take a look at what their estimate salary cap is right now.

NFLPA ratifies proposed CBA; 2020 salary cap set

The wait for the NFL and NFLPA to agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is over as the players ratified it this weekend.

Broncos pick up options on Von Miller, Todd Davis, Brandon McManus

Three veterans look poised to return in 2020. The Denver Broncos have picked up the options for all three, but declined the option for Ron Leary.

Broncos place franchise tag on Justin Simmons

The Denver Broncos will use the franchise tag on Justin Simmons and will likely aim to get a long-term deal in place before the start of the season.

Broncos will wait until after the draft to decide on Garett Bolles’ fifth-year option

The Denver Broncos intend to wait until after the 2020 NFL Draft on a decision over Garett Bolles’ future in Denver.

Broncos reveal which contract options they will pick up

The Denver Broncos have decided to pick up the contract options for both Brandon McManus and Todd Davis, but not the one for Ronald Leary.

Broncos projected to have $58M in cap space in 2020

The Denver Broncos head into the offseason with the eighth most salary cap space in the NFL and that figure could rise in the coming weeks.

Broncos plan to pick up Von Miller’s contract option in 2020

John Elway confirmed that the Denver Broncos plan to pick up the contract option for Von Miller in 2020. He’ll remain a Bronco.

Mythbusting Joe Flacco’s contract

Despite what you may have read or heard, Flacco can be easily moved by Denver and his restructure didn’t add any additional cap burden onto Denver.

Broncos should offer contract extensions to some key defensive players before end of season

The Denver Broncos have the cap space to extend some key players beyond 2019. Here are three players they should begin negotiations with immediately.

Broncos salary cap update

The Denver Broncos have made several big free agent moves, which has effectively used up their available salary cap for 2019.

Broncos will have plenty of cap space for free agency

The Denver Broncos will have nearly $20 million in cap space after accounting for Joe Flacco’s contract. Not a bad start.

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Estimating the Broncos' cap space after the Flacco trade

I'll start by giving credit to my sources. Most of my cap and contract information comes from Spotrac, but the estimates for the price of RFA tenders come from OTC.

Denver Broncos potential cap casualties

Here is a list of possible salary cap casualties from the Denver Broncos this offseason.

Truth behind the Broncos Salary Cap "Scandal"

Haters gonna hate. Post an article about the New England Patriots cheating (once again) on a Broncos blog and out come the trolls and undesirables from other fan-bases (and even some Judas-es) hell bent on trying to paint you with the same brush.


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