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Denver Broncos Stats

If you are looking for specific Denver Broncos stats, then you will likely want to check out Pro Football Reference or another statistics website. At Mile High Report, we do cover a wide variety of Broncos stats in our posts. Our latest statistics posts are listed below.

Do backup NFL QBs ever beat good teams?

How often does the has-been or the never-will-be win vs good teams?

Strip sacks: the sackers and the sacked 1994-2021

Which defenders are great at this? What quarterbacks are prone? Which QBs can avoid this?

Has the way running backs are used in the NFL changed since Terrell Davis played?

a look at the numbers and some conclusions from them

How much use is too much use for an NFL running back?

Updating a study from about a decade ago that looked at the "break" point in terms of running back utilization. What this means for how the Broncos might use Javonte Williams while he is on his rookie contract.

Is there a place in the NFL for the heaviest of the heavy on the offensive line?

A look at the NFL careers, or lack thereof, for the heaviest guards and tackles from the NFL combine 2000-2022

Yet another way to evaluate draft effectiveness - quantity over quality

How do the Broncos compare to other franchises?

Pookie Williams’ rookie season and expectations for his second year

What should we expect from the second year back in a new offense with an elite quarterback?

Learning to pass block in the NFL

Some history on recent young lineman who failed miserably at first, but then figured it out.

Understanding the Broncos’ 2022 free agent offensive line signings

Why George Paton got the guys he got

The losing streak will end in 2022

The Denver Broncos will beat the Kansas City Chiefs at least once during the 2022 season.

Should we expect young pass rushers to have an immediate impact in the NFL?

Bradley Chubb made an immediate impact on the Bronco pass rush when he was 22 years old. How common is that?

Father time is unkind to NFL wide receivers

Hall of Fame wide receivers (recent-ish) seem to be the exception, but is the tide shifting? Is the current NFL a place where WRs can be elite into their early 30s?

NFL starting centers 2021 - stats and rankings

Lloyd Cushenberry was better in 2021 than he was a rookie, but by how much?

How often do elite pass rushers get “shut out”?

Who was the most consistent pass rusher in 2021?

Russell Wilson by the numbers

Russell Wilson statistical review. All the numbers on your new Denver Broncos quarterback.

2021 NFL full league punting analysis

How did Sam Martin compare to other punters in the league at maximizing field position?

The first 21 starts at quarterback in the modern NFL

If the Broncos do end up with Drew Lock starting in 2022, is there any hope that he improves?

How many years does Aaron Rodgers have left?

using history to figure out how long Rodgers can continue to play at a high level

How winning teams spend their cash: NFL positional spend analysis 2013-2021

Is there a trend among winning franchises is terms of how they spend their cash?

Broncos offensive line instability

Denver Broncos instability on the OL, familiarity with the guy next to you makes the whole unit better.

Setting the record straight: Garett Bolles ranking among starting left tackles in 2021

Where did Garett Bolles really rank?

The NFL head coaching carousel

Did the Broncos get it "right" in hiring Nathaniel Hackett after getting it "wrong" with McDaniels, Joseph and Fangio?

Measuring the Broncos ability or inability to draft (and develop) players this century

Using first team AllPro and first team Pro-Bowl selections to grade the Broncos relative to the rest of the of the league

Stats all she wrote - final Denver Bronco defensive snap review for 2021

How many inside linebackers did the Broncos play on defense in 2021?

Final 2021 Denver Bronco snap percentages - offense

In a season plagued by injuries and illness at every position group, who played and how much.

Woe is the Broncos’ offense

The Broncos will most likely fall into last place in scoring rank over the past six seasons.

Stats gotta hurt - Denver Broncos’ stat review for Week 17

A look at how 7-6 and in the hunt turned into 7-9 and possibly a top ten draft pick

Stats in the belfry - Denver Bronco stat review Week 16

The Denver Broncos’ offense wastes another good defensive game.

Denver’s offensive line pass blocking 2016-present

The offensive line is gift that keeps on giving

Week 14 Denver Bronco stat review

All that we want is for Put Shurmur to keep calling running plays

Baby got stat(s)! - Denver Broncos stat view for week 13

Interesting tidbits in what appears to be another lost season for the Broncos

I’m always to blame. It’s just the same. Stats all - offensive line edition.

a critical and statistical look at the play of the Denver Bronco 2021 offensive line in comparison to 2020

Denver Bronco defensive snap tracker through week 12

See the new faces currently playing ILB for the Broncos

Broncos’ offensive snap tracker through Week 12

The banged up OL keeps rolling on for the Denver Broncos in Week 12.

Stats in the cradle - Week 9 Denver Broncos

A look at the numbers after a potentially season-defining upset road win over the Cowboys.

Stats just the way it is, some things will never change - Denver Broncos Week 8, 2021

A look at the numbers as we head into the second half-ish of the season.