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Denver Broncos Stats

If you are looking for specific Denver Broncos stats, then you will likely want to check out Pro Football Reference or another statistics website. At Mile High Report, we do cover a wide variety of Broncos stats in our posts. Our latest statistics posts are listed below.

Historical perspective on how bad the 2022 Bronco offense is at scoring points

Yes, it’s bad, but how bad is it compared to other league worst scoring teams?

Denver Bronco game 11 snap analysis 2022

Who could and did play for the Broncos against the Panthers

Denver Broncos snap count review Week 11 2022

Who played and who didn’t in Week 11 versus the Las Vegas Raiders.

Klint Kubiak greatly enhanced Broncos’ offensive efficiency in Week 11

Nathaniel Hackett turning over play calling duties to Klint Kubiak was the right decision and we should expect things to get better from here.

Broncos have had more injuries than the rest of the league over past 4 seasons

Since hiring Loren Landow, the Denver Broncos have had terrible "luck" with injuries. What should be done?

Broncos Week 10 snap count analysis 2022

Who wasn’t injured and able to play this game.

A frank discussion about the state of the Broncos’ offensive line

As an organization the Denver Broncos need to invest more draft capital in the offensive line.

Comparative draft success in the AFC West

How well have the Broncos done over the last ten drafts compared to the rest of the division?

Denver Bronco 2022 mid-season snap tracker

Graphical and tabular form of the Denver Broncos snap counts in 2022.

Denver Bronco snap analysis game 8 2022

Who played and how much?

Broncos offense was better with Graham Glasgow at center

I know I advocated for him to lose his spot at RG, but I guess I should have pushed for him to be moved to center

Denver Bronco prescription stat-in for week 8 of 2022

A look at where this Denver Broncos 3-5 team ranks in various stats as the team heads into the bye.

Why the Broncos offense on Sunday was the same offense it has been all year

It’s great the Denver Broncos beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, but nothing much changed offensively and that should worry us.

One-and-done NFL head coaches this century

If Nathaniel Hackett gets canned, who will he be joining?

Denver Bronco game 7 snap review 2022

another loss in which the offense was offensive

Stats all ya got? Denver Bronco stat review for week 7 of 2022

another set of historic lows for the Brncs - notice there is no "O".

Broncos currently have the second-ranked defense according to DVOA

The Denver Broncos defense is dominating. If only they had some offense or special teams around to give this defense a chance to close out a game.

How the running quarterback, and his extra rules protection, has changed the NFL

A deep dive on the data and the history of how the running quarterback has changed the NFL game.

Denver Bronco snap analysis for Week 6

Who played in this most recent frustrating loss with offensive offense.

Denver Broncos’ inept offense pleads the 3rd

At present the Denver Broncos have the worst 3rd quarter scoring offense this century.

Featured Fanshot

LOOK: Baron Browning sacked Justin Herbert in just 2.70 seconds

NextGen Stats broke down Baron Browning's sack on Justin Herbert in the second quarter. The Denver Broncos are the only unit under four seconds in time to sack this season.

Why Graham Glasgow should be benched

As of right now the Denver Broncos have the third most runs behind right guard in the NFL (27), but those runs are gaining 1.30 yards per carry which is dead last in the NFL by far.

Why Albert Okwuegbunam has not been playing much in recent weeks

A few numbers that explain a move that the coaches have made at tight end with Albert Okwuegbunam.

Denver Bronco snap count review for games one through five of 2022

tables to show who has played on offense and defense

The ugly (and not so ugly) stats from the Denver Broncos first five games of 2022

Follow only if ye be men of valour!

Denver Bronco game four snap counts and analysis

Who played when starters got hurt? Let’s find out.

Stats how the cookie crumbles: Denver Broncos game 4 stat discussion

A few statistical thoughts on the downer loss to the Raiders.

Broncos snap counts and review: game 3 2022

Who played and how much during the Denver Broncos 11-10 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football.

Broncos rank in the Top 10 of total DVOA by Football Outsiders

The Denver Broncos find themselves in the elite realm of teams in the NFL through three weeks, but really it is all about that defense.

Stats ride: Denver Broncos stat review for Week 3 in 2022

A couple of different indicators of how good this Broncos defense is and could be.

Broncos rank Top 5 in DVOA on defense

While the Denver Broncos appear to be decently good on offense and really good on defense through two games, their special teams DVOA is pretty bad.

Denver Broncos game 2 snap count and analysis

Who played and how much?

Stats in the cradle: Broncos game two 2022

Musings on red zone futility, when to try the field goal or punt, and forcing fumbles

Stats the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it

Some silver linings from the grey clouds that followed the Broncos home from Seattle.

Broncos game 1 snap review and analysis 2022

Who played and how much during the Denver Broncos 17-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1.

The elephant in the (defensive) room - health

Can the Bronco defensive starters stay healthy?