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Denver Broncos Stats

If you are looking for specific Denver Broncos stats, then you will likely want to check out Pro Football Reference or another statistics website. At Mile High Report, we do cover a wide variety of Broncos stats in our posts. Our latest statistics posts are listed below.

Denver Broncos “quarter”-season snap count review with some extra stats - offense

Because, uh-huh, uh-huh, you like it...

How can the Broncos beat the Ravens?

I spoke with former NFL QB Tim Jenkins to find out.

Denver Bronco snap counts Week 3

Who played more than last week and who played less?

Stats the way uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it - Week 3

QB pressure and accuracy through the first three weeks of the season.

Next Gen Stats shows Javonte Williams is off to a hot start; Melvin Gordon a little colder

Next Gen Stats released their Week 2 stats, and it showed an interesting dichotomy between Melvin Gordon and the rookie Javonte Williams

Denver Broncos snap counts for Week 2

Who get more playing time relative to week one and who got less.

Stats the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it - Week 2

More about fourth down conversions and the Denver Broncos.

Fangio defenses against rookie quarterbacks - historical review

Does history tell us anything about what the Bronco defense will do to Trevor Lawrence on Sunday?

Denver Bronco snap counts Week 1

Who played a bunch and who didn’t during the Denver Broncos 27-13 win over the New York Giants in Week 1.

Stats the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it - Week 1, 2021

During Vic Fangio’s first two seasons as the head coach of the Broncos Denver only went for it on 4th down four times in the first half, they went for it three times on Sunday.

What do the stats say about Broncos vs. Giants?

Who has the advantage in week 1?

UnLocking the Bronco offense?

Analyzing recent examples of teams switching from an inaccurate QB to an accurate QB year over year and the effect it has on receivers.

Run, quarterback, run!

Welcome to the golden age of running quarterbacks in the NFL!

A graphical history of Denver Bronco quarterback play 2016-2020

A picture speaks a thousand words - how the Broncos QB journey has led them to this moment.

Is there any statistical evidence to suggest Drew Lock can become the Broncos’ franchise quarterback in 2021?

On today’s episode of Cover2Broncos I dug into the numbers with Pro Football Focus’ Tej Seth.

Analyzing Vic Fangio’s decisions on 4th down

Has Fangio made the "right" decision more often than not? How does he compare to other head coaches during his tenure?

Let’s talk about sacks, baby

Team sack history and why no team will ever give up as many as the 1986 Eagles or get as many as the 1984 Bears again

Research re-writes the Broncos’ career sacks leaderboard

Thanks to two researchers, stats site Pro Football Reference is shedding light on pre-1982 sack masters.

How sustainable is great QB play in the NFL?

How often do quarterbacks have a great season and how many can repeat the feat?

The quarterbacks that ‘broke’ the league

Progress is passing. Passing is progress.

Throw distance and proficiency by distance among starting quarterbacks in 2020

Drew Lock had the highest percentage of deep passing attempts among starters in 2020, but was he any good on those deep throws?

Injection of elite talent should turbo boost Denver’s 2021 defense

Relative to 2020, the Broncos will have added three or four elite defenders to the starting group

Receivers, draft capital and the Denver Broncos over the last five drafts

Denver has invested heavily on receivers, but has little to show for it over the last four seasons.

How the NFL finds starting offensive tackles 2016-2020

How have the Broncos done it and how does it compare to the rest of the league?

Teddy Bridgewater is an upgrade over Drew Lock in almost every way

Here’s a comparative look at their stats and ranks from 2020 to show why we should all be happy right now

The dangerous game of drafting NFL quarterbacks: history, data and insight

A look inside the history, the successes and the many failures of teams taking quarterbacks in the first round of the NFL Draft.

A numbers review of the Broncos 2021 cornerbacks

How have they all done in their careers so far?

Denver Bronco offensive line performance review 2020

Did they improve relative to 2019 after another year of learning from Mike Munchak?

2020 NFL full season punting review

How did Sam Martin do as the Denver Broncos punter in 2020 compared to the rest of the league?

Throwing deep and accuracy in the NFL

Does throwing many deep passes negatively impact NFL QB accuracy?

Is Drew Lock turnover-prone?

In terms of plays per turnover, how does Drew Lock compare to other NFL QBs?

How often do rookie quarterbacks have great games against good defenses?

Instances of young QBs having great games are not uncommon, but having them against good defenses doesn’t happen often.

The myth of Pat Shurmur, QB whisperer

Does Pat Shurmur’s influence and tutelage improve the play of the QBs with whom he works?

2020 Broncos defensive snap count review

Who played for the Denver Broncos on defense in 2020 and how much playing time did they each get?

2020 Denver Broncos snap count review - offense

Who played in 2020 for the Broncos and how much?

The case for and against Drew Lock as the Broncos starting QB in 2021

Joe Rowles argues for, Joe Mahoney argues against


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