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Cover 2 Broncos Podcast

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Can the Broncos rattle Trevor Lawrence?

I spoke with Big Cat Country’s Ryan O’Bleness to find out.

How do the Broncos match up with the Jaguars?

How bad will the loss of Jerry Jeudy, Ronald Darby, and Graham Glasgow hurt the Broncos on Sunday?

How can the Broncos beat the New York Giants?

I spoke with Big Blue Views’ Nick Falato to find out.

What can the Broncos do to attack the Giants?

I spoke with USA Today’s Mark Schofield to find out.

Paton’s Spaces: The 2021 Broncos could be special

The Broncos general manager built a roster that can weather the 17-game storm ahead.

11 things to look for in the Broncos’ preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks

Will a QB Lock up the starting job?

Should the Broncos start Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater?

On today’s Cover2Broncos, I had a chance to dive deep into Broncos’ camp with The Gazette’s George Stoia.

This Broncos’ roster could be Super

Don’t laugh: Denver’s defense could be good enough to carry them to a championship.

Breaking down the Broncos’ linebacker room

The most underrated part of the Fangio defense?

GIF Horse: A tale of two tackles

Who will win the Broncos’ right tackle competition?

Who should be the Broncos’ QB1?

Breaking down the remaining quarterback options for the 2021 Denver Broncos.

The Broncos should have drafted an offensive tackle in 2021.

George Paton counted on a tackle who played 65 snaps since 2019 and it bit him. It’s an abject failure.

3 NFL Draft prospects who could replace Melvin Gordon

If George Paton elects to cut ties with his RB1, these backs make sense for the Broncos.

What does George Paton mean for Drew Lock?

The Denver Broncos new General Manager means a new vision and outside perspective.

There’s the still some good football being played in Denver

Particularly on the defensive side.

How to watch the Broncos for the rest of the season

Here’s some tips on how to make the rest of the season bearable while watching your Denver Broncos.

Tale of the Tape: How did Drew Lock engineer the thrilling comeback against the Chargers?

Going under the hood to break down the tape to see how the offense sparked the big comeback on Sunday.

Tale of the tape: What is going on with Drew Lock?

Taking a deep dive into Drew Lock’s tape from Sunday’s game against Kansas City

Film Study: With Von Miller out, Fangio is finding pressure in other places

Vic Fangio has adjusted to Von Miller’s absence by embracing blitzing to generate extra pressure.

Graham Glasgow says Denver’s offensive line is looking to gel as the season goes on

Broncos right guard joined KOA’s Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the first four weeks of the season.

Film Study: Breaking down Garett Bolles’ improvement this season

Let’s do some analysis to compare 2019 Garett Bolles to 2020 Garett Bolles. The Denver Broncos might have a good left tackle this season.

Week 4 film room: 4 things we love from the Broncos’ defense

After a win against the Jets, we take a look at some positive trends through the first four games.

Tale of the Tape: Garett Bolles is having a strong start to the year

The former first round left tackle, has been a shining bright spot amidst a tough start to the season for the Broncos.

Tale of the Tape: Michael Ojemudia’s tough game

The rookie was beat a few times on Sunday, but still deserves to be in the starting lineup.

Tale of the Tape: Defending crossing routes

Taking a deep dive into one of the defense’s struggles from the Denver Broncos 16-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

The Broncos linebackers are in for a tough early test

With run stopper Todd Davis no longer on the team, Josey Jewell and Mark Barron will have their hands full

Reminder: Be patient with Drew Lock

This young Denver Broncos offense will likely struggle to start the season, but that’s no reason to panic.

Get the inside scoop on Broncos training camp

Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright joined Joe Rowles and I to talk about what they’re seeing so far on the ground at Broncos training camp.

There will be more than enough targets to go around in Pat Shurmur’s offense

Don’t worry, we’ll see plenty of Jerry Jeudy this year.

What’s in store for the Broncos linebacking corps in 2020?

The Broncos boast the most experience and continuity in Vic Fangio’s defense from their linebackers.

What are Denver’s options at right tackle for 2020?

Opt-out fallout: what are Denver’s options at right tackle with Ja’Wuan James missing the 2020 season?

How will the Broncos handle the potential NFL cap constraints next year?

Jeff and Joe take a deep dive into the cap to talk about who could potentially be moving on from the team if Denver has to make cuts next year due to the news that the salary cap could potentially be cut significantly next season.

Would you take Peyton Manning or John Elway if you could have either on this year’s roster?

Mile High Report discusses a fun hypothetical.

Which past Bronco would you pick to be on this year’s roster?

Aside from quarterback, which player would you pick?

What’s the one key area Noah Fant can improve the most next year?

On this week’s episode of Cover 2 Broncos, Joe Rowles and I talked about how Shurmur will likely use the young tight end, as well as where Fant can improve the most.

Breaking down the Broncos defense with coach Cody Alexander

On this week’s episode of Cover 2 Broncos, we talk with a football coach who also is a fellow Broncos fan about Vic Fangio’s defense.


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