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Denver Broncos News

Get the latest Denver Broncos news, rumors and reports. From players news and official team updates to rumored reports, Mile High Report has your Broncos news covered.

Horse Tracks: Russell Wilson ranks top 10 on the ‘deep ball’

It’s shocking to think the Broncos’ QB did anything among the top of the league’s quarterbacks, but his deep ball still reigns among the supreme.

Broncos sign WR Nick Williams and waive RB Damarea Crockett

Horse Tracks: Broncos ‘Uncommon’ slogan recalls history

I do not choose to be a common man; it is my right to be uncommon if I can.

Horse Tracks: Broncos have a glaring issue that must be fixed

It’s an obvious issue, but it is something Sean Payton must address before the Denver Broncos begin the 2023 season.

Horse Tracks: Broncos Trivia

5 trivia questions to test how much you know about our favorite NFL franchise.

Featured Fanshot

Broncos have new team motto for 2023 season

The Denver Broncos have a new team motto for this season. Out with "Let's Ride" and in with "Uncommon". When asked about the phrase, Broncos' offensive lineman Ben Powers said, "It means winning football in the National Football League is ‘uncommon.’ It’s hard to do. It’s why there’s not a lot of winners. There’s only one Super Bowl champ."

At Nuggets game, Manning praises ‘his’ Broncos: ‘Payton’s going to get the best out of Russell’

You love to hear it - even if it’s ‘HOF QB speak.’

Horse Tracks: Tight end Greg Dulcich gets Sean Payton’s attention in OTA’s

Second-year tight end Greg Dulcich’s performance to finish off week two of Denver Broncos OTAs was too impressive for tight-lipped Sean Payton to ignore

Horse Tracks: Elliot Fry ain’t the guy

Yesterday the Denver Broncos signed Elliot Fry. I have a hard time believing he will be the starting kicker come opening day.

Report: Broncos sign tight end Tommy Hudson

The Broncos have added to their tight end depth.

Report: Broncos sign kicker Elliott Fry

The Broncos have signed their Brandon McManus replacement.

Horse Tracks: Broncos players are excited to play where their output decides their play time

Sean Payton has the Denver Broncos moving toward a culture that rewards players for continuing to be excellent instead of what they have done in the past.

New Broncos Zach Allen, Mike McGlinchey get behind their new QB

The Broncos’ newly-signed defensive end and offensive tackle are rallying behind Russell Wilson early.

Horse Tracks: Broncos media shares highlights from Mexico Tour 2023

The Broncos’ media team shares video footage from their visit to Mexico last month, celebrate "many activities."

What Broncos title run best connects with the Nuggets?

Nikola Jokić and the Denver Nuggets are in the NBA Finals for the first time. What Broncos title run best correlates?

Horse Tracks: 3 main questions for the Broncos going into the 2023 season

3 questions that will need answering during the Broncos 2023 campaign.

Returning Javonte Williams, leaner Russell Wilson highlight day one of Broncos OTAs

The Denver Broncos are back on the field in preparation for the 2023 NFL season, and along with a participating Javonte Williams and toned up Russell Wilson, several Broncos made themselves known on day one of OTAs

Broncos running back Javonte Williams is limited participant in OTA practice

This is huge news. Javonte Williams was limited at OTAs on Thursday.

Horse Tracks: The Denver Broncos should acquire Dalvin Cook

What do the Denver Broncos have to lose by acquiring Dalvin Cook? A mid-round draft pick? So what.

Looking up to perennial AFC West offseason champs

The Los Angeles Chargers get hyped every offseason no matter how much they disappoint year after year.

Report: Broncos are re-signing offensive tackle Cam Fleming

This signing really improves the Broncos tackle depth.

Report: Broncos are working out kicker Brett Maher

Maher kicked for Payton and the Saints in 2021.

Why Brandon McManus was released by the Broncos

Average play and big relative cap hit are not a good combination.

Broncos have informed kicker Brandon McManus that they are releasing him

A bit of a shocker.

National disrespect nothing new to Denver

What is it about the Mile High City that irks national media?

PFF gives Broncos high offseason grade

Pro Football Focus gave the Denver Broncos an A- for their offseason moves. Do you agree with that grade?

How the Broncos can hit 9 wins

DraftKings has the Broncos at 8.5 wins. Based on the schedule, and Sean Payton, here’s how the over will hit.

AFC West Position Group Winners

Taking a look at which teams within the AFC West have the superior position group.

PFF ranks Patrick Surtain II the second-best defensive back under 25

Denver Broncos star cornerback Patrick Surtain II was ranked by Pro Football Focus as the second-best defensive back in the NFL under the age of 25.

Buy or sell: Broncos’ top three picks will be significant contributors year one

The top three NFL Draft picks made by the Denver Broncos have made headlines in minicamp, but will it translate to Sundays this fall?

Horse Tracks: Praise for ESPN adding Pat McAfee to their lineup

Pat McAfee has been what I would call integral content for NFL fans for years. ESPN did a good thing to bring more good content for NFL fans everywhere.

DiNucci throws INT in front of owner; Payton tells QB he could have a job at Wal-Mart


Report: Broncos waive four undrafted rookies

The Broncos waive four of their undrafted rookies after rookie minicamp.

Horse Tracks: The importance of seizing a Broncos opportunity

Sometimes life only gives you one bite of the apple. You best take the biggest one you can.

Report: Broncos are signing running back Jacques Patrick

The Broncos are signing the former XFL standout running back.

Report: Broncos are signing quarterback Ben DiNucci 

The veteran quarterback made the team after trying out for the team during the rookie mini camp


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