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Denver Broncos Podcasts

Mile High Report has plenty of Denver Broncos podcasts to choose from. Starting with MHR Radio, our flagship podcast, we also include the Cover 2 Broncos podcast and the Something Something Broncos podcast. Find us on ApplePodcasts, iHeartRadio, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

Broncos can’t keep collapsing in the second half

If Denver is going to get a win in Miami it will take a whole lot of offense.

The Broncos cannot stall in the second half against Commanders

Sean Payton has to dial up big plays in the second half to wake up the offense

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PODCAST: Dublin to Denver previewing the Broncos-Raiders game

Colum and Stewart from Dublin to Denver come to you straight from Ireland to preview the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders game in Week 1. They cover the keys to the game and players to watch for. Go Broncos!

Will the Broncos step up for Raider Week?

Week 1 will set the table for the Sean Payton Era in Denver.

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PODCAST: It's Raider week!

It's time to kick off the 2023 regular season with a game at home against the Las Vegas Raiders. Jess and Mike shower Josh McD and the boys with plenty of ire and wish them nothing but the worst come Sunday. The Broncos are currently undefeated! Let's keep it that way.

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PODCAST: Reactions to Initial roster, goodbye Albert O, and previewing the Raiders

The Denver Broncos cut down to their initial 53-man roster on Tuesday. Who was the surprise cut? Who stuck around? Albert O's time in Denver is over. Now that the preseason is done and dusted, what does the future hold against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 1?

The Broncos roster will continue to shuffle

Even after the final roster cuts, Sean Payton’s painting won’t quite be complete

Why the Broncos DON’T need to make a trade for Jonathan Taylor

A Denver Broncos trade for running back Jonathan Taylor just doesn’t make sense. Here’s why.

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PODCAST: Preseason game 2! How did the starters look?

Rachel Strand and Jess Place join Ian St. Clair on Odds and EndZones to break down all the relevant preseason action in game 2 of the Broncos preseason.

Which Broncos’ defensive rookie will have the best season?

There’s optimism among Broncos fans for the 2023 defensive rookie class

Broncos training camp is filled with questions

After several abysmal seasons training camp arrives with questions and skepticism for some.

SSB: A new Broncos landscape in 2023

Change is good.

Will a culture change bring wins for the Broncos?

Hopefully, wins won’t be such a rarity in Denver

Broncos Country is happy to believe in Sean Payton

After 7 seasons of false hope is change on the horizon?

Landing Sean Payton was the Broncos best kept secret

Most of us thought Greg Penner was lost. Turns out he was just methodical in finding his head coach.

Perspective: Who is the worst Broncos coach in the post-Shanahan era?

Which one would you pick?

The Broncos can’t let Jim Harbaugh get away

The Broncos should do whatever it takes to get him to Denver

The Broncos need to find a way to keep Jerry Rosburg on staff for 2023

Jerry Rosburg has only been the Broncos interim head coach for a week now, but something seems different...

Podcast: Previewing the Broncos-Chiefs game in Week 17

The Dublin to Denver podcast breaks down the Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs game in Week 17.

The front office structure provides mostly questions for the Broncos

Should Broncos Country have faith in Greg Penner as he takes on control of the team?

The Broncos look to gift us a Christmas miracle

In a season of bah humbug we could all use a little football joy.

Could Broncos loss to Chiefs be the high-water mark for the 2022 season?

What does it mean when a loss is more interesting than any of the wins?

Apathy season has set in for Broncos Country

Losing to the Chiefs will only push more fans away

Broncos Country is reduced to pointless arguments

Perennially losing has given us all nothing but garbage to talk about

Could the Broncos lose the rest of their games this season?

It’s a real possibility.

Broncos have one of the worst scoring offenses since 2010

The Denver Broncos are making history in 2022 and not the good kind. January can’t get here fast enough.

Will the Broncos avoid being swept by the Raiders this weekend?

Few things could annoy Broncos Country more than being swept by the Raiders. Except being swept by the Raiders while they are coached by Josh McDaniels.

The Broncos and Raiders face off in this year’s Depression Bowl

A loss could spell the end of the Nathaniel Hackett era in Denver.

Why is Melvin Gordon still getting majority of snaps?

No offense to Melvin Gordon, but the Denver Broncos need to move on just for the sake of ball security.

Stopping Derrick Henry will be a big test for the Broncos

The offense might have to win this game in a shootout

Tim Patrick is ahead of schedule on knee rehab

We’re live on Twitch to discuss all the Broncos happenings over the Bye Week. The biggest of which was an update on Tim Patrick... from the man himself.

Paton nets Broncos haul for Bradley Chubb

The 2023 draft just got a lot more interesting after the Denver Broncos added a first round pick by trading OLB Bradley Chubb this week.

When is the right time for the Broncos to ‘let it Ryp?’

Russell Wilson is pretty banged up right now. Should the Broncos let him rest and turn to Brett Rypien?

5 things to watch from Broncos-Chargers game

Here are five things to watch from the Denver Broncos if they are to beat the Los Angeles Chargers on the road in Week 6.

Is the Broncos game against Chargers a ‘must-win’ game?

Of course it is, because every game is a must-win game. This one is especially important, however, if the Denver Broncos hope to keep their hopes of turning things around in time to make a playoff push.

Are the Broncos now a “coach away” from competing?

As hilarious as it is to ask this question, but are the Denver Broncos now a ‘coach away’ from winning? They were a ‘quarterback away’ as early as February...


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