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Denver Broncos Stats

If you are looking for specific Denver Broncos stats, then you will likely want to check out Pro Football Reference or another statistics website. At Mile High Report, we do cover a wide variety of Broncos stats in our posts. Our latest statistics posts are listed below.

Denver Broncos game 2 snap data and analysis

How were the snap distributions changed relative to week 1

Stats the way it is: Denver Bronco week 2 stat review

Stats from the week 2 loss.

Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders: Week 1 snap analysis

Here is who played and who didn’t in the Denver Broncos 17-16 home loss to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 1.

Stat hurts: Bronco stat discussion for game 1

Discussion of some stats from the Broncos week 1 loss

Broncos’ quarterbacks led NFL in being pressured in first preseason game

No team had a worse time protecting their quarterback in the first preseason game than the Denver Broncos did against the Arizona Cardinals.

Snap counts from the Broncos 18-17 loss to the Cardinals in their preseason opener

We take an in-depth look at the snap counts from the Denver Broncos preseason opening loss against the Arizona Cardinals.

PFF thinks the Broncos have a much-improved offensive line this season

The Denver Broncos went from a bottom-tier offensive line according to Pro Football Focus last offseason to just outside the Top 10 this offseason.

If you can pass you can score, right?

unless you are the Broncos, Chargers, Raiders or Vikings if you can pass you can score

The nexus between OL health and scoring points

Is there a connection between offensive line health and scoring in the NFL?

How often does the decision to attempt a long FG backfire in the NFL?

Only 16 drives in 2022 started with a missed or blocked FG from 55 or longer and half of those drives ended in a score

What the 2006 Saints can tell us about the 2023 Broncos

Denver can learn from Sean Payton’s history.

Sean Payton’s Offense - and more about his offensive lines

During his 16 seasons as the HC in NO, Payton’s offenses average rank in scoring was 6th

Sean Payton’s offensive lines

Sean Payton built some great offensive lines in New Orleans. How did he do it?

The long and the short of it - tall offensive tackles with long and short arms

Despite measuring 79.9" tall at the combine, Mike McGlinchey does not have particularly long arms

No first or second round picks? No problem

How often do often teams not have a pick until the 3rd round?

The edge of madness - what’s the difference between a defensive end and an outside linebacker?

Using the NFL combine to answer this question and whether or not the answer has changed over time

Are NFL players getting bigger? Part one - offense

Are they really bigger than they were in the late 80s?

Can you be too tall to play OT in the NFL?

Mike McGlinchey likes to say the answer is no.

Failed completions, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees - what it means for the Bronco offense in 2023

What will the Bronco offense look like under Sean Payton and how will short passes factor into it?

Blowing it - using blown blocks as a measure of a bad game for offensive line players

How often did Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey have "bad games" so far in their careers?

The value, or lack of value, that the returner brings

In the end you want the return guy to "do no harm" to the team

Balance sheet: is Zach Allen an upgrade over Dre’Mont Jones?

The Broncos saved some money by not tagging or resigning Jones, but how does the player they got compare to the player they lost?

Are there tight ends who are good at everything?

Does the all-around TE still exist in the NFL?

Injuries caused the disaster that was the Broncos 2022 season

For the eighth straight season, this year’s Broncos were more injured than the last

Pass blocking proficiency of the 2022 Broncos offensive line

How did they do and how does their performance compare to others at their position?

Evaluating George Paton’s decisions as GM

Other than the Russell Wilson contract, which could sink him, how has he done in the two years since he took over?

Healthy offensive line = good offense?

Losing multiple offensive starters for multiple games makes it very tough to score points in the NFL

Fixing Russell Wilson: part 2, getting back on track

A look at the history of running QBs in their mid-30s.

Denver Bronco offensive line 2022 season review

Were they as bad as they seemed?

Fixing Russell Wilson: a two-part, data driven study

In order to fix something, you have to understand what is broken

The best cornerbacks in the league

Patrick Surtain II was named first team All-Pro for the first time in 2022 joining an elite group of NFL cornerbacks

Sean Payton is one of the NFL’s best head coaches and here is the data to prove it

Few NFL head coaches since 2009 have led their teams to more wins over their expected win rate than Sean Payton.

2022 NFL punting analysis

Corliss Waitman was not very good in 2022. Can he improve in 2023?

Does NFL coordinator experience matter when hiring a new head coach?

David Shaw has no NFL coordinator experience. DeMeco Ryans has two years as a DC. Sean Payton has more than a decade as an NFL HC. Does it matter?

Broncos need to find a pass rush in the draft or free agency

During the latter half of the season the Broncos had almost no pass rush

Horse Tracks: Broncos DVOA shows defense fell off sharply down the stretch

According to Football Outsiders DVOA metrics, the Denver Broncos were both elite and terrible


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