Osweiler Ready to Get to Work with Peyton


Brock Osweiler inadvertently ignored a congratulatory tweet from his soon-to-be mentor, Peyton Manning.

Doc Recaps our offseason


Seriously great read from one of the more sound minds out there writing about our team. Very level-headed.

Denver Broncos: B+ | NFL Draft Tracker 2012: Final Grades for Each Team | Bleacher Report


Denver trades first-round pick (No. 25 overall) to New England for first-round pick (No. 31 overall) and fourth-round pick (No. 128 overall)

Animated gif reactions to the first 95 picks of the draft


An analysis of the first 95 picks in the draft, in a slightly different way :)

A Link And A Question


The link is to the End of Draft Press Conference with EFX. It's posted on The question is - for any techies out there, or anybody with more common sense than me - how do I watch it? I'm a country boy in rural Idaho where we've got satellite internet that fluctuates from like 100kbps to 400kbps. I don't know if my internet is just slower than the rest of America's but it takes me about an hour to buffer a 15 minute video at No other sites take that long. So is it just me or is it the site? The bigger problem I have, though, is that those videos can't be keyed to start buffering from any moment of time except the beginning. My internet stops buffering the video, the video plays to the point where it stopped buffering and then I have to re-buffer from the beginning and do it all over again. It keeps happening. It's like my internet loses connection for a brief second or whatever so then I have to go back and start all over. Is there a way that I can download those videos or watch them on a different forum? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help. Oh, and the link. Yeah, check it out... if you can :)

Toledo WR Eric Page added


Per the Denver Broncos Twitter page: "The #Broncos have agreed to terms with WR Eric Page from Toledo, who is the 13th CFA to join the team following the draft." Here's a link to his CBS player profile.

Denver signs UFA Steven Johnson, LB, Kansas


Not a bad UFA pick up. Hopefully we'll be adding a few more. Dale Moss perhaps? Alex Hoffman-Ellis?

It Took A Whole Town To Raise Derek Wolfe; Now The Broncos Are His Family Read more:


After reading this story, you will come away feeling impressed that Derek Wolfe is going to become an instant fan favorite in Denver.

Brock vs USC... Lots of screens thrown. But that was the game plan. I have a friend who is on the...


Brock vs USC... Lots of screens thrown. But that was the game plan. I have a friend who is on the ASU team. He told me that Brock would teach the offensive game plan.