AFC West Show - Week 11 @9:00 PM MST


Check me out on the AFC West Show tonight! Talking some Jets-Broncos and for once the topic wasn't mostly about Timmy Tebow. Go Broncos!

Is it safe to say that Foxy wants Tebow to succeed now???


I mean, he could have easily started Quinn.... right?

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The Perils and Pleasures of Life as a 220-Pound Tight End

John Lynch Analysis of Game


At least John Lynch is a believer in Denver's QB

Tebow > NFL. LOL. This from:


Tebow > NFL. LOL. This from:

Could It Really Be That Easy? (encore)


All this talk about the 55 rushing attempts by the Broncos on Sunday reminded me of this article from last year. Who cares if Tebow only completes two passes in a game? If we can run the ball 50+ times in a game, something must be going right... at least according to Bill Parcells

Just Listen to What Our Coach Is Saying!!!! Part II


If this isn't a vote of confidence, and an indictment on Orton (turnovers) at the same time, then I don't know what football is. John Fox has always loved to run the football, and he always will regardless of who's behind center (or in the shotgun).

Podcast: CSG #15: Broncos vs. J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets?


Short week Broncos fans! We're talking Broncos with Kim Constantinesco from, your local credentialed blogger. What's up with the guessing game offense, the gelling offensive line and just who is this Chris Harris fella and the rejuvenated Denver defense? And if you like movie talk, we toss around some Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt talk to go along with some UFC and NBA blabbing as well.