Hills upsets Rodgers in Madden 12 Cover Vote


It's down to Hillis and Vick now. Personally, I hope Vick wins, even though he doesn't deserve to. Let Philly get the curse, since the Browns aren't going anywhere next season.

WR Edmond Gates to visit the Broncos on Wednesday


The 6'1", 194-pound Abilene Christian wide receiver ran the 40-yard dash in 4.37 seconds at the NFL scouting combine. He has a middle to late round grade.

Broncos to trade back and select... Mark Ingram?


"In fact, if Broncos Vice President of Football Operations John Elway isn’t just blowing smoke, and the Broncos are keeping their options open and legitimately considering every position and all the top prospects, the team may trade down in the first round on draft day and take Alabama’s Mark Ingram." I wouldn't be opposed to that, stock up on more picks and address the front seven and back four in the 2-4th rounds (having gotten more picks and another 1st rounder while trading down)...

The Dream Draft?


As of right now, this would be my dream draft, or something that looks at least a little like this!

Talegating: Mark Herzlich


This underrated player could become a great Mike after playing Special Teams for a few years. He needs time to get his leg strength back, and with only about a 3% chance of the cancer returning, he could be a great investment for any team looking for leadership in the linebacking corp. Some quotes from the article: "The struggles in space were a concern during Senior Week, but he’s still coming back from the effects of both the disease and its treatment. In reality, the rate of recurrence is only 3%, so it’s very likely that he’ll be fine. He tackles well in the open field, and was a top coverage LB prior to the cancer. He says that he has no doubts that he’ll be one again. By the way - his timed 40 during his freshman year was 4.65. As his legs get stronger, he’ll get much closer to that mark." "To his naysayers who feel that he’ll never get back his lateral movement and his speed, I’d suggest that you never want bet against him. He’s lain in bed, thinking about the reality of human mortality, and come through the fires of that experience hardened and mentally stronger than ever. It won’t take that long for his body to catch up. Someone is going to pull the trigger on him in a couple of weeks. If I were a betting man, I’d lay good odds that he’s going to outplay his draft position. In a few years, I’d expect him to be a solid-to-top starter, and I’d love to watch him on special teams during that time. Whatever the team asks of him, he’s already faced bigger challenges. The phrase is often overused, but this guy is special."

Mr. Safe Pick


Some names thrown around include Mikel Leshoure, Drake Nevis, Mason Foster, and Rashad Carmichael.

Draft Metrics


Excellent source of information for draft hounds.

Awesome website detailing draft history and transactions


You can change the year in the URL and skip through season. Unbeliveable database!