Brady Quinn to Jacksonville?


According to the report, Jags have interest in Brady Quinn and unnamed DE/OLB.

Brady Quinn Trade?


Who would the Broncos want in exchange from the Jags?

Cowboys Draft Board


This is pretty cool to actually be able to see -- they have translated some of it lower in the comments if you can't read the text very clearly.

Chris Brown waived, Dicky Lyons signed


Chris Brown was one undrafted free agent that many people felt could make an impact. Well, he is the first one gone. Just shows that we have no idea what to expect.

Tebow & McDaniels get some fantasy dynasty league love


I know it's just a fantasy football website, but it's nice to see McDaniels and Tebow get some love and respect on a football-related site. Go Broncs!

Peter King on data from Football Outsiders


Here's the top 10 running backs in tackles broken in 2009: 1. Chris Johnson, Tennessee, 61 2. Ray Rice, Baltimore, 57 3. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota, 56. 4. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville, 52 5. Steven Jackson, St. Louis, 50 6. Jonathan Stewart, Carolina, 46 7. DeAngelo Williams, Carolina, 40 7. Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh, 40 9. Fred Jackson, Buffalo, 35 10. Knowshon Moreno, Denver, 33 A broken tackle, as defined by Football Outsiders, is either a play in which the defender has the ballcarrier wrapped up -- or a play in which the ballcarrier fakes a defender out of his jock. Subjective, but you get the point. It's a good measure of hard runners and elusive runners, at the same time. Read More:

Why 9/11 is so important to Eric Olsen


A very nice article. With an article like this, you can't help but like and root for Olsen.

Dicky Lyons


Dicky Jnr gets some love.. sorry couldn't help the bad pun, good luck to him.

Look carefully. Yes, it's Jay Cutler. Celebrating his birthday in Vegas. I wonder if we'll ever see...


Look carefully. Yes, it's Jay Cutler. Celebrating his birthday in Vegas. I wonder if we'll ever see Tebow in a photo like this ...

Shameful ignorance from the Phinsider.


I'm not posting this to encourage some sort of retaliation for the denigration of MHR/Broncos/McD, but simply to bring it to your attention. This is how the world appears to view us. Or at least the portion that lacks the ability to spell. And, frankly, I like reading this sort of stuff. I see it as encouragement. People like this want us to change, but they only serve to remind me that we shouldn't. MHR seems to get blasted (not mentioning where) for its "glass half-full" approach, but I am fiercely proud of the positively-minded community here. There's a reason I don't read the DP, and we should all be glad that even after there was a line dividing us all on Tebow pre-draft, it was quickly scratched out when he became a Bronco. I like being supportive of my team, and I like being surrounded by people that feel the exact same way, and if some fan of another team finds that funny or stupid, it only makes me more proud of this family. Screw what everyone else thinks, go Broncos!