Orton OTA Talk


Orton's talk is in the list -- I really like everything he says. Just seems like a super class act and I hope he can improve even more on last year.

Brandon Marshall to Redskins Not Dead


"At noon today, for the first time in his 11-year professional career, longtime Eagle Donovan McNabb will stand in front of a new team's logo. Even as McNabb is introduced as the Redskins' next quarterback, you can bet the team is already identifying its next moves. And the three areas to keep a close eye on: wide receiver, safety, left tackle -- but not necessarily in that order. In fact, it's probably safe to consider receiver Brandon Marshall's name back in play, and one that you might hear sooner than you hear any tackle's."

Will the Redskins make a play for Brandon Marshall?

"Now that Washington has a quarterback in McNabb that coaches think can help the team win right away, it makes sense that they might immediately chase after a receiver to complement him," writes Reid. "While Marshall-to-the-Redskins has been a soft rumor for weeks, don't be sur"prised if it gains traction in the two weeks leading up to the draft."

McCluster to visit


Does anyone have a list of all the prospects we've had in for workouts and/or interviews? Seems we've had a lot of running backs in, and they're all of different styles.

My Space Shuttle Launch Video

My Space Shuttle Launch Video

Seattle Deals G Sims to Detroit


This guy has been kicked around as a possible throw-in to a Marshall deal w/Sea. Not sure of the pick(s) involved, but maybe they will be involved instead. With all this action heating up, BM could be gone soon if he goes at all.

Jets aren't interested in making a move for Brandon Marshall


More and more, it appears that Marshall, despite his visit with the Seattle Seahawks and stormy history with Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, will be playing in Denver again this season.

Why take Dez?...


His interview doesn't make you respect him any more... In the comments below somebody is very loosely trying to defend Bryant by saying that he needs a good mentor like Chris Carter was for Moss, how well has that worked out for Marshall??? It's not like the master of humble Rod Smith could make Marshall any less of an off field nightmare. When you're cursed with issues off the field I think it's over until you prove it's not and good luck getting that opportunity in the Draft. If we pick him I pray that McD can nail it into his skull very early on that he's a good boy or he's gone. I'm a fan so I have to stick by what the team does but just like oh lets say 99.99999% of Eagles fans right now I wouldn't be happy until the outcome proved fruitful. I know I just ramble incoherently when I post, but in summation, Dez is a liability, he talks the talk as this article shows, but so does Marshall, is the talent pool available at #11 worth the risk? I don't know but regardless of how mad I am about the choice if it would occur I am a fan til the end. Amen

Mcnabb to the Resdkins!!!!


Wow, traded to a divisional opponent. Traded for 2010 2nd and 2011 3rd or 4th.

Buckhalter thinks Knowshon Moreno hit the rookie wall

"At some point in the season, he kind of hit a wall," veteran running back Correll Buckhalter told the Denver Post, adding that he believes Moreno will do better this year with a full training camp after holding out last year.