Michael Lombardi's first written article with


Not necessarily Broncos related, but he is one of the few employees of NFL Network whose opinion I actually respect (i.e. he actually researches to some respectable depth)

Ridiculous Broncos 2010 preview


I stumbled across this "article" today and thought everyone should check it out and be reminded how awesome the bloggers at MHR (and SBNation in general) are and what others consider a true article. I posted a comment ripping his ridiculous stats, and by the end, thought it was funny enough to share with others. Enjoy! Keep on being awesome MHR and GO BRONCOS!!!

Madden AFC West Preview


Not sure if this video has been posted yet, but it's a quick 2 minute video showing the AFC West teams in Madden. To my surprise, they got the coaches to give quick 30 second comments about their team's offensive style and a key player on that offense. McD talks about how we like to spread it out and how Moreno likes to punish tacklers. Just something fun for this dry news time of the year.

Were You More Upset At The Loss Of Cliff Lee Or Brian Dawkins?


Eagles fans still feeling the pain. What a coup that was.

ESPN Analyst Arrested on Child Pornography and Drug Charges


One more reason not to like ESPN analysts. Maybe if they spent more time watching actual football tape instead of looking at innapropriate things and doing drugs then they could get a real analysis. This truly makes me sick though, and I know it's innocent until proven guilty but my word, What the hell was this guy thinking if its true??? Jeremy Green is an analyst, and I now he does lots of scouts inc. stuff and is on the radio quite a bit. He is not usually too positive about the Broncos. He is the son of former NFL coach Dennis Green. When asked about his son's accusation Dennis Green pounded his fist on the table and said regarding his son "He is who we thought he was. And we let him off the hook. If you want to crown him then crown him" Okay I made that up but I wish the rest was not true.

Ex-BYU RB Unga works out for 20 teams


Could Broncos be one of the 20 NFL teams attending Harvey Unga's workout prior to next week's Supplemental Draft? I think we should roll the dice and use our 2011 #2 pick from Dolphin and draft this super athlete... should we draft him? Speak up Bronco Nation...

LeBron to Miami


Not really NFL-related but thought you guys might have a few thoughts to offer on the momentous decision. All I can say is, my heart goes out to the city of Cleveland.

Darcel McBath


Darcel McBath is hoping to improve upon his rookie season and make a larger impact in 2010. McBath had a pair of interceptions and led the team in special teams tackles in a rookie campaign that ended early due to a broken forearm. But his forearm has mended and he thinks he's really grown from his first to second year. "It's night and day," McBath said of his growth over the past year. "I'm a little more comfortable--a little more vocal. I'm just trying to do my part." The safety is hoping to use training camp as a springboard to more playing time. "It depends on how I play (in training camp)," McBath said. "If I come in and play well, hopefully I can get a little more responsibility." Source:

Denver Broncos 2010 Season Preview


What it says. A nicer than nice review of the upcoming season, balanced and surprisingly knowledgeable. Saw some things I didn't know about.