Von Miller writes inspiring story on George Floyd, Racism, and Protests for


I am not a football player named Von Miller. I am Von Miller—a strong, proud, African-American who loves making kids smile, people laugh and my parents shake their heads. I also just happen to play football, which has given me a platform. My love for our country compels me to use it. My message is this: I am all in for unity, equality and justice. If you are committed to that, we can ride together. Let’s goooo!

Von Miller wrote this story on to respond to everything that is happening in America right now. Be sure to read the whole thing!

7 QBs


Can someone please post a 7rd Mock, where we take a QB in every round. Because that is where we are at, at this point.


Vic Fangio heaps praise on rookie guard Dalton Risner


"I really like Dalton. Dalton’s going to be a 10, 12, 15-year starter in this league if everything goes right." - Vic Fangio on Dalton Risner

Chris Harris Jr. insists "season is not lost yet"


"No, nothing’s changed," Chris Harris said on Tuesday about finishing his career as a Bronco. "Obviously, we haven’t—nobody has come to me about anything, so I’m just playing football every week and taking it one week at a time. Of course, there are rumors with everything going on out there, but we’ve got to be focused on the Colts. The season is not lost yet, so I’m not hanging—I’m not throwing the season in the dump yet. It’s not lost yet."

Fangio tells story of how Colts almost drafted Champ Bailey in 1999


"Yeah, he did talk to the team for a few minutes afterwards, which is good. I told the Champ Bailey story that he almost was an Indianapolis Colt back in 1999. I was with the Colts then. I had just gotten there. They had been very bad on defense the prior two years, I think finishing last or second to last in each year. As part of the negotiation to go there, they promised me everything would be for the defense in the offseason. After going through the draft prospects—I think we had the fourth pick—it was Champ who I wanted, and we were going to get. It was pretty set in stone who one, two and three were going to be. Then the day before the draft, they come in and tell they just traded [RB] Marshall Faulk to the Rams, which you know how big he was with the Rams and their run there. Now we needed a running back, so we weren’t going to draft Champ. We drafted [RB] Edgerrin James who was a terrific player. Champ almost was a Colt and he didn’t even know that story."



I'm a chiefs fan from Kansas City and me and my lady have decided to make a trip to Denver Colorado to have a little get away. I would like to hear some different opinions on where are some good places to eat at? Along with any other places that you guys would recommend? Thanks in advance guys!


Peyton Manning to un-retire.


Reports have surfaced that Peyton Manning has decided to come out of retirement after only 25 days. He has made it clear to John Elway and the Denver Broncos that he would like to return to the team and compete with Mark Sanchez for the Broncos starting QB position. Detail to follow, the terms of a contract have not been finalized but are in the works. Elway has stated that he will not rush to judgment here and will keep his options at QB open.

2016 NFL Cap


2016 NFL salary cap space expected to jump up to at least $155 million

Bleeding green nation

What world is this?


PFF's top 5 grades for the Broncos, week 17: DE Malik Jackson (+5.5) C Matt Paradis (+5.1) DE Derek Wolfe (+4.6) G Evan Mathis (+4.5) G Max Garcia (+3.3)

Fans who bought stock in Vernon Davis aren't making a lot of money


"Like any other security, the portfolio of athletes can be traded at any time and provides occasional payouts to investors. Since buying 10 percent of [Vernon] Davis' earnings two years ago for $4.2 million, he has returned a dividend of $1.50 per share to his original investors,"'s Darren Rovell wrote (full story here).