Kurt Warner: 2021 Week 7 Broncos Tape Breakdown


A video I learned a lot from.

Kurt Warner review of Drew Lock (2020)


Kurt reviews good and bad things about Drew Lock.

Le'Veon Bell Tag Fallout - what it means for Steelers and Broncos


Saw this on YouTube and thought it made sense... Is he done in Pittsburgh? Yes Possible FA Landing spots = Broncos, Ravens, Colts, What's the best landing post for Bell in 2019 Free Agency?

madden player guy is reasonable about the broncos


he says we will win between 7-10 games is high on denver pass rush and CB'S

Would it be any worse at this point?


I mean he did win a playoff game.

Manning in the Mirror


Michael Jackson singing about Eli Manning.

Former Bronco In Legal Trouble


This is pretty far from where we thought Quanterus Smith would end up.

New Gatorade Ad Features Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning has always been good in commercials.

During his time in Denver, and especially after winning the Super Bowl with the Broncos, and subsequently retiring, he went on an all-out media blitz starring in commercials for Buick, Papa Johns, Gatorade, and of course the now infamous Nationwide spots.

His quirky humor and deadpan delivery on camera make for some funny ads. His most recent one with Gatorade takes a more serious tone, however.

I recently came across this and wanted to share with the community because it is just a great ad, in my opinion, and any sports/football fan or athlete can relate. Enjoy!

Written by Jeff Essary

VIDEO: Mel Kiper Jr. raves about DeMarcus Walker


Mel Kiper Jr. had DeMarcus Walker as his 32nd ranked talent in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Denver Broncos get a good one here.

NFL Bad Lip Reading is back


It's that time of the year again. Bad Lip Reading is back and the Denver Broncos are well represented in this years' version. Enjoy!