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Broncos GIF Me Something To Believe In After Beating Chargers

You like that play on words? Which GIF will you choose as GIF of the week?

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

That was Monday. This is Friday. So close but so far away. The Broncos improbable 35-24 win over the San Diego Chargers is the turning point of the 2012 season. It has Chargers' GM AJ Smith talking of a 'new era of Chargers football', one likely without himself and coach Norv Turner, while other Chargers' officials are telling fans to 'take a chill pill'. Yea, historic collapses will do that to the best of us.

As we begin to turn the page on the win over San Diego, let's take one last look at Denver's win over the Chargers in GIF form, and GIF your choice as to which GIF should be the GIF of the week.

there were so many GIF's to choose from, let's start with one that didn't make the final cut:


I know I need that mask for Halloween!

There is also the steely stare of Peyton Manning after his pick-6 gave the Chargers a 17-0 lead Manningabyss_medium

So that's what it looks like when you are preparing for the greatest comeback in Monday Night Football history!!

On to the list. There are plenty to choose from, but I picked my Top-5. Here they are:

#5 Manning hits Demaryius Thomas for a touchdown:


My favorite part of this is all the whining that came from Chargers fans about Ryan Clady holding on the play. HOLDING? Let's ask Elvis Dumervil - who gets held on every play - about not getting the holding calls. Is it me, or does Eric Weddle(#32) want NOTHING to do with Demaryius Thomas. Way to separate the player from the ball.

#4 - Manning Hits Tamme On 3rd and 16:


Perhaps the play of the game - in a game where there were plenty to choose from - Manning drops a rainbow right between the 84 on Tamme's chest for 25 yards. The Broncos would go on and take the 28-24 lead with #3 on the list.

#3 - Manning's gyrations turn into Stokely TD Pass


A perfect example of Manning being Manning before throwing an absolutely perfect pass to Brandon Stokley for the touchdown. My favorite part might actually be center Dan Koppen telling Manning to get the hell back in the shotgun right before the snap.

#2 - Elvis Dumervil Strips It, Robert Ayers Sweeps It, Tony Carter Runs It In For The TD


In a turning point game, this might be the turning point play. Great effort by Elvis Dumervil, sure, but Robert Ayers really makes this play happen by sweeping the ball towards Tony Carter who picks it up and runs 45 yards for the Broncos touchdown.

#1 - Eric Decker Is Tripped By The Lawn Sprinkler Guy From BW3


We now know what REALLY happened. There should be a full-scale investigation by the NFL immediately!

There are so many more great GIF's of the game there is no time for them all. That was my list. Vote for your favorite, and suggest your own!


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