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MHR Hall of Fame

Who better than Denver Broncos fans to immortalize the most meaningful members of Broncos Country?

The Mile High Report Hall of Fame is an honorary section of the website dedicated to honoring significant figures in Denver Broncos football history, as well as significant contributors to the website itself. Unlike the Pro Football Hall of Fame or the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame, these inductees are determined by Broncos fans, for Broncos fans.

This section is specific to Mile High Report. If you are looking for Denver Broncos Hall of Fame coverage, click here.

MHR Hall of Fame: ‘The Vonster’ earns our Sportsperson of the Year

Von Miller is our Sportsperson of the Year for his example, his work ethic, his positive vibes - and maybe even a sack dance or two.

MHR Hall of Fame 2017: Four members/authors inducted in fourth HOF class

Two former authors and two current members earn a Mile High Salute for their contributions to the greatest Broncos blog on the Internet.

MHR Hall of Fame: A kicker, two coaches, and several great nicknames make up our 2017 class

This latest Broncos HOF might be my favorite so far.

MHR Hall of Fame - It is time to VOTE!

And find out who gets the gold jacket! Well, actually, it’s just a plaque - but either way, official VOTING starts now!

Nominate the best members to the MHR Hall of Fame

This one is always my favorite.

Time to nominate the best of the best among former MHR authors

Whose year will it be?

Who deserves ‘Sportsperson of the Year?’

Possibly one of the toughest awards to decide is up to bat.

Let’s nominate those modern-era Broncos for MHR HOF, shall we?

Nominate your favorite old-timers for the MHR Hall of Fame

These are the players we truly have to thank for the franchise’s success today.

MHR Hall of Fame - It’s that time again...

Actually, it’s way past time, but nevertheless, let’s get this 2016-17 HOF party started!

Give a Mile High Salute to our new HOF members... way I’m telling you before you click on the article!

Our drippin, Lady Gaga-loving DC wins 'Sportsperson of the Year'

And if there were ever a difference-maker last year, it was definitely the man behind a more terrorizing defense that absolutely won the Super Bowl.

Congrats to our former authors in the HOF!

We've added two great ones, but you'll have to click to find out who (I know, I know...such clickbait!)

Mile High Salute to newest Broncos in MHR Hall of Fame

It's another stalwart group of players who have made this franchise the best in the NFL - no matter what the Pro Football Hall of Fame thinks.

Pick the best modern-era Broncos for MHR's Hall of Fame

Warning: tough choices lie ahead.

Who among the early-era Broncos deserves our HOF status?

Vote your choices for the Class of 2016 in the MHR Hall of Fame. Warning: it's not going to be easy.

Ready to choose your peers for the MHR Hall of Fame?

Good. Because now is your chance.

Vote for former authors in the MHR Hall of Fame

The people who have made this site what it is today are being rewarded for their hard work.

Vote for the 2016 MHR 'Sportsperson of the Year'

Kicking off a week of voting posts, we're starting with the person who has done the most for this team and community the past year.

Don't forget to nominate your favorites for the 2016 MHR Hall of Fame

So rec - and then rec some more!

Choose your favorite former Author for MHR HOF

The final category is here as we nominate those who have made Mile High Report the leader on the blogosphere that it is.

MHR Hall of Fame 2015-16: Nominate your peers!

It's one of the favorites in our Hall of Fame - your fellow members who make your time on this site worthwhile.

Who deserves 'Sportsperson of the Year' in 2015-16?

It's always a tough choice, but an awesome honor to bestow.

Pick your favorite modern-era Broncos for the HOF

It's time for more of the Mile High Report Hall of Fame, so nominate the all-time greats!

MHR Hall of Fame: Nominate the 'old timer' Broncos

Tommy Jackson, Billy Thompson, Steve Foley, Jim Turner anyone??

MHR Hall of Fame nominations to begin today

Read this ridiculously long post for all the details, then wait for each category's separate post in order to make your nominations and recs.

Bronco Mike, TheSportsGuru make MHR Hall

This site is great in large part to the writers who come here every day to provide interesting, informative and relevant content about our favorite team. So who better to give the award to than two people who put their heart and souls into delievering a quality product to fans every day.

Hall-of-Fame members, take a bow...

Congratulations to the MHR members inducted into the 2014-15 Hall of Fame!

Four all-time greats make it in our Broncos' HOF

And it's a pretty awesome list.

'Sportsman of the Year' winner highly deserving

While it is not hard to find great sportsmanship within the Broncos locker room, one player has been exhibiting such professionalism his entire career and could not be more deserving of the honor.

MHR Hall of Fame 2015 voting

All the polls that are fit to print...right here. VOTE now for your MHR Hall of Fame 2015 recipients.

And now for the 'Members' in the MHR Hall of Fame

Perhaps the toughest category yet...time to choose among your peers.

Vote former MHR authors into the 2015 Hall of Fame

Time to include the former writers who have made this site the bastion of information and entertainment that it is!

Vote for your fav Broncos in the MHR Hall of Fame

This is one stacked list - from Frank Tripucka and Rich "Tombstone" Jackson in the 60s to Shannon Sharpe and Eddie Mac reminding us of a not-so-long-ago past team of greats. Get ready for a superb trip down Broncos Memory Lane ... and a tough vote!

Vote your choice for Sportsperson of the Year 2015

The polls are open!

Time to nominate Sportsperson of the Year 2015

Sportsperson of the Year - that Broncos player, coach or executive who goes above and beyond on and off the field to make this team great - needs to be nominated. Who do you choose?


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