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Mile High Report Hall of Fame Broncos voting is now open

15 Broncos candidates have emerged. Seven will advance to the final round.

The Mile High Report Hall of Fame Class of 2014 selection process continues. We've tallied your nominations for the Broncos category and can now open the polls to the 15 candidates listed below!

Please take a moment to read the nomination pieces for each candidate, which are excerpted below, then make your vote. You can vote for up to seven players - the number of players that will advance to the final round next week. At least two senior candidates will advance to the final round. The poll closes Saturday, July 19th at noon MDT.

The candidates

John Elway

Bronco from 1983-1998
52 recs

This nomination needs no further explanation.

Terrell Davis

46 recs

"Complete domination, regular and postseason," writes Bronco Mike.

Steve Atwater

46 recs

"Eight Pro Bowls, two first team All-Pros. Had more than 120 tackles in each of his first five seasons, decent coverage for a safety and an absolute beast of a hitter who singlehandedly ended Christian Okoye's reign of terror." - alacy52.

Randy Gradishar

44 recs
Senior candidate

"For those lucky enough to see Randy Gradishar in his prime, you saw the epitome of an NFL player. He was better than his peers, including Jack Lambert, and often was recognized for this during his career. Awards include: DPOY-1978, 7 time Pro-Bowler and a slew of All Pro Teams." - Gradishar53

Rod Smith

37 recs

"He played his entire career for the Orange and Blue and leads the team, as well as ALL undrafted players in both receiving yards and touchdowns. (11389 yards and 68 touchdowns)" -deatic

Floyd Little

35 recs
Senior candidate

Little was the first truly great player the Denver Broncos had on their roster, and he has meant more to this team than anyone outside of John Elway. - Monty

Shannon Sharpe

1990-99, 2002-03
35 recs

"He helped redefine the Tight End position as more than just an extra blocker but as an extra (and deadly) weapon on the playing field before the likes of Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten, or Antonio Gates. He has 10,060 yards (#40 on the all time list) and 62 touchdowns. Sharpe also played with a passion and fire each game but knew how to have a good time as well." - WYOrangeCrush

Karl Mecklenburg

35 recs
Senior candidate

"The original Von Miller," writes Jeremy Bolander.  Says BlueNOrangeNIdaho: "Meck's is the only jersey I've ever owned. It's still hanging in my closet, and when I finally get my man cave, I will frame it."

*Correction: Mecklenburg is not a senior candidate because he was still an active Bronco as of July 1, 1994. He will become a senior candidate in 2015.

Ed McCaffrey

28 recs

"Loved watching the neck on the field. He was not only powerful, but he was willing to sacrifice his body. Off the field, he's been coaching youth camps since 2000. He founded SportsEddy, which promotes football, lacrosse, soccer, baseball and basketball. And the Ed McCaffrey "Dare to Play" Football Camp and the "Dare to Cheer" Cheerleading camp is for individuals with Down syndrome. He's exactly the kind of guy who should be in our Top 15." - Zach Eckels

Simon Fletcher

22 recs

"The Broncos all time leader with 97 1/2 sacks, one of the best most underrated defensive lineman I ever saw play." - ElwayFanJ

Tim "The Barrelman" McKernan

21 recs

"The Barrelman was the first Denver Bronco to be inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the first Superfan as well... He was Broncos Country. He is Broncos Country. Rest in Peace Barrelman." - Monty

Lionel Taylor

20 recs
Senior candidate

"One of the original Broncos, Lionel was ahead of his time. An exceptional athlete he was a two way player in college and in the pros was converted from DE to SE by the Broncos at the urging of Frank Tripucka. Lionel would quickly take to the new position of pass receiver. Not only would he go on to lead the Broncos in receptions for his first six seasons but would also lead the AFL in receptions for its first six seasons. Averaging over 77 receptions a year and topping the 80 and 100 receptions during 14 game seasons was quite a feat considering this was before most of today's rules that favor the offensive players.

"To put these numbers into perspective, HoFers like Bilenikoff, Taylor, Largent, swann, C. Taylor, Stallworth and Loften never came close 100 receptions in a year during their illustrious careers." - KoloradoKaos

Al Wilson

20 recs

"The heart and soul of our defense for many years!" - InRodWeTrust

Mike Shanahan

20 recs

"He wasn't perfect, but did lead us to our only two Super Bowl wins. 138-86 win-loss record isn't too bad either." - Sfeld

Louis Wright

19 recs
Senior candidate

"Through 12 seasons in orange and blue, Wright amassed 26 interceptions, three forced fumbles and 11 fumble recoveries, manifesting that he clearly had a nose for the football... Perhaps most telling about Wright's magnificence were the words of prestigious and aforementioned defensive coordinator Joe Collier who called him a 'shutdown cornerback,' even though that term, by Collier's admission, was not used in Wright's playing days."        - the new Bradfather

Vote here

Again, the poll closes Saturday, July 19th at noon MDT. The top seven vote-getters will advance to the final round, including at least two senior candidates.

Feel free to share how you voted in the comments!